January 2018 Wrap-Up

I am glad to announce that I have successfully adapted to writing 2018 instead of 2017. I didn’t even need a second attempt when I wrote this post! Anyway, just as I suspected, my hunger for books has slowly returned now that I have been back in Vienna for a while. I find myself reading at a very different pace now though. Whenever I pick up a book, I now tend to read it in 1-2 days and then take a break for a couple days/an entire week. It’s strange but it seems to work. So, here’s what I got around to read this month:

  • Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush (3 stars)
  • America, Vol. 1 (4 stars)
    I really enjoyed America as a character. The cameos were awesome and I think it was only the last issue that I didn’t like as much. It had a bit of a different art style than the previous ones.
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (5 stars)
    THIS BOOK DESERVES ALL THE HYPE! It’s so good and important and I cannot even wait for it to come out as a movie and then attract even MORE people. I just know that the casting is beyond perfect already.
  • Lock & Mori: Final Fall by Heather W. Petty (4 stars)
    This is the final part in the Lock & Mori series and I love those books so much. They may not be perfect, but they are such a nice distraction and have such an amazing villain origin story. While it perfectly explains how Mori became the person she is, it doesn’t try to justify her actions or give her a redemption arc. It just lets Mori be Mori.
  • The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F.C. Yee (4 stars)
  • Iron Gold by Pierce Brown (5 stars)
  • Die Wunderübung by Daniel Glattauer (3 stars)
    What a surprise! I read very few books in my mother tongue, because I just like most things better in English. However, this is a book from one of my favourite Austrian authors and I actually got to meet him and some of the actors of the movie adaptation of this story at a book signing on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun and I was like the second person in line.

Devils & Thieves (Devils & Thieves, #1)  America, Vol. 1: The Life and Times of America Chavez  The Hate U Give  Final Fall (Lock & Mori, #3)  The Epic Crush of Genie Lo (The Epic Crush of Genie Lo #1)  Iron Gold (Red Rising Saga #4)  Die Wunderübung

Just like in old times, click on the title to get to the review on the blog (if there is one) and on the cover to get re-directed to Goodreads!

Ugh … January was such a long month! Where 2017 went by in one big woosh, I feel like 2018 is taking its sweet time. I had some really annoying stuff to deal with in January and my body is making me feel it hard by aching in all kinds of places. I unfortunately also can’t say that I am going to start working soon, because so far it’s mostly been rejection emails or silence. That all sounds like doom and gloom, but mostly I am just tired.

The stored up energy I am currently unable to put into my career, I have now focused back onto the blog with an increased number of posts as well as new chapters for Arcadia. I have missed writing a lot and I left my characters in such a precarious place, I am glad I got continue their story a bit. In a lot of ways I have to thank Marie for that because 1. she is one of my biggest fans and wants to know how it continues and 2. she is currently rereading and working on her own WIP and we have sessions where we work at the same time on our respective projects and it’s such a motivation. If you want to check out Arcadia, you can do so here. I am definitely going to post more in the upcoming weeks, because I am finally really motivated again!

One thing I am really happy about is the fact that #CurrentlyWatching is BACK! When I look at my stats, the bookish posts still work best on the blog, but talking about TV shows is such a passion of mine. If anyone ever needs a professional TV show recommender (is that a thing? I am making it a thing!), then I am your gal!




How was your January? Did you read a lot? Did you watch some good TV shows?

3 Years of Blogging and Q&A!


Can you believe it? Because I can’t! 3 YEARS! When I started this blog, I was just keen on keeping it longer than a couple of months and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I met some of the greatest people through Life and Other Disasters and I am so very grateful for the support and constant encouragement. I’ve mentioned it before, but YOU are what makes this experience so much fun!



As I’ve mentioned in my May wrap-up, we’ve only recently breached the 600+ Follower milestone and Marie and Donna were kind enough to provide some questions for the Q&A which I will answer happily. If you missed your chance and still have questions (everything is fair game), you can ask in the comments and I will answer there!


  • “I think you’ve mentioned it before, but what kind of studies did you do/ if you did?”

I studied film, TV and media production and graduated last year in July. Now I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business, which nobody knows what to do with including me. I don’t intend to go on and get a Masters degree, but maybe someday – Who knows? My studies sound quite like the creative thing, but we were mostly about numbers and statistics and how to get the funding for projects.

  • “If you could read one genre, and only one for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

TOUGH ONE! I think I want to go with Fantasy, because even though I love contemporaries, I feel like I would miss the magical element that comes with whole new worlds.

  • “What’s the best thing about book blogging? (ONE THING. It can’t be me. I wish it was, hahahahaha. Sorry, such a narcissistic moment there, I’ll shut up now, haha). 😀”

Hahaha, I was really tempted to say you, but I can say the closest thing to it – the community. I am blogging for myself, but it wouldn’t be as much fun if there were no one to talk to about it all.

  • “What’s the most important thing you learned in all those years of blogging?”

The most important thing I learned is that blogging is supposed to be fun and not an obligation. You can have a strict posting schedule and even post every day, but as soon as you just post something for the sake of posting and not because you want to genuinely share something or talk to others about a topic, the real spirit is gone. The element of fun should remain and it’s not going to be the end of the world if you ever decide to take a break or hiatus. People mostly seem genuinely happy to have you back in fresh spirits at the end of the day.


  • “How many pairs of socks do you own?”

It’s probably well over 40 (sorry, I stopped counting somewhere along 30 …) and I am so bad with throwing socks with holes or socks that are simply worn out away that I don’t even wear half of them. There’s one of the biggest drawers in my closet dedicated to them … well, what can you do? I am bad at clothes-related stuff.

So, I want to conclude this with another THANK YOU! Here’s to many more years to come and don’t forget to ask any sort of questions that remain on your mind!

The Get to Know Me Tag!


I thought by now you all already know a looot about me, but there is always something new to discover I guess. So, let’s do this properly thanks to Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books who tagged me for The Get to Know Me Tag! We’ve had a long-standing blogging relationship by now and I still found out new things about her through this tag, so definitely make sure to visit her post as well!

vital stats

Name: Katja – it means “Blessed, Pure, Holy” according to several web searches. I wouldn’t go that far saying that about myself, but it does have a nice ring to it!
Nicknames: Kat, KittyKat, Ketchup (I only really like the first one to be clear!)
Birthday: 3rd of August 1993.
Star Sign: Leo – hear me roar. Ooops, wrong tag. I’ll do something Game of Thrones related soon.
Occupation: Working at as a cashier in a bookstore at the airport. I am still waiting for my You’ve-Got-Mail-miracle-love-story to happen.


Hair colour: Brown … yep, there’s not much more to it.
Hair length: Long-ish but not really? I intend to cut them shorter soon, like a little above shoulder-length.
Eye colour: Brown, sometimes glazed over, sometimes shiny and alive – depending on what mood I am in.
Best Feature: Like appearance-vise? I have hair like a lion – unruly and fluffy. Sometimes a real pain, but mostly I think it suits me.
Piercings: For earrings, yes. (3 on my left ear, 1 on my right)
Tattoos: Nope, although I love the idea of them. However, I know how fickle my mind is and that I don’t want something that lasts forever on my body if there is the realistic danger that I’ll get bored with it.
Right or Left: Always turn left! (Whovians will understand.) Other than that I am right-handed.


Best Friend: I don’t want to choose between my friends! I never liked doing that and there are so many who I consider to be among my best friends.
Award: I got the wacky award for being the only gal in Oregon to have a donkey’s drivers license. Does that count?
Sport: Carrying heavy stacks of books and magazines all day long!
Real Holiday: I think it was me and my family staying at a farm in the Austrian country side. I used to love it there.
Concert: Good Charlotte with one of my best friends.


Film: I can already tell that I am going to hate this category … let’s see … I know it’s cheesy, but I cannot tell you how often I have seen Cinderella Story now and still never get bored. Maybe that?
TV Show: The banner for the tag should tell you that the answer is still Doctor Who.
Colour: Green
Song: I cannot answer this with a clear conscience. However, Where Do We Go From Here by Ruelle is currently stuck in my head.
Restaurant: Let’s pick something “exotic”. The Y Mochyn Du in Cardiff quickly turned into my go-to-place.
Shop: Any and every bookstore.


Feeling: A little tired, I am always feeling a little tired lately.
Single or Taken: Single and ready to mingle hahaha no. I don’t have time for that.
Eating: Some honey waffles, yummy!
Thinking About: Work and blogging and how much I can schedule before going to bed.
Watching: All the shows are ending and I am NOT happy. Last thing I watched was Starz’ The Girlfriend Experience … not sure I fully got that.
Wearing: My new Florence + the Machine sweater, which is suuuuper comfortable (as it should be, considering what it cost)


Want Children: I always wanted 3 kids, but now I don’t know. I’ve really started to think about maybe becoming a foster parent one day.
Want to be Married: Yes.
Careers in Mind: I’d love to have the time to write for a living. Other than that, Marketing for a book publisher or working as a casting director.
Where You Want To Live: Maybe Toronto? Portland? Seattle? London? (the last one only if I can have my most epic flat with Marie, Cristina and Cátia as roomies)


God: I believe that there is something much bigger than us, however, I cannot say if that is God.
Miracles: Yes. Sometimes the most miraculous things can happen.
Love at First Sight: Hmmm … no.
Ghosts: A little.
Aliens: YES! How sad would it be if we were the only sentient beings in the universe? VERY! That’s the answer. There has to be more out there.
Soul Mates: Sort of. I believe that some people are just naturally drawn together.
Heaven: Maybe.
Hell: No.
Kissing on the First Date: If it feels right, then why not?
Yourself: Yes! I have seen myself accomplish some great things others have never had the chance to in such a short time and I believe that I can do great things in the future as well. However, everyone has their down-days, it’s only natural.

Do you feel like you know me so much better now? For fun’s sake, if you think a question was missing, ask me about it in the comments and I shall answer!


The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag!


I am on a run with tags lately, so let’s continue with that and do the Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag! I was tagged by Summer @Xingsings and I am really excited to do this one because you’ll find out so much about me as a blogger. I hope my answers won’t bore you!

How long have you been a blogger?

Hmmm, I think it must be about 2.5 years by now. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that it started out of pure boredom and wanting to avoid school work. Also, I had a blog before this one but on a different platform that I didn’t really like that much. Now I haven’t blogged about books all that much in the beginning though, that sort of took off this summer. I even contemplated making a BookTube channel, but after doing some bad quality BookTubeAThon challenge videos, I abandoned that again. Maybe if I had better equipment and lighting, I’d rethink that again, but for now I am quite happy with expressing myself in writing instead.

At what point do you think you will stop?

Tough question! I honestly can’t say that I see myself stopping anytime in the future. I love this blog and if possible, I would go on with it forever. However, I have noticed that my post-count gets a lot lower whenever I have a steady job and I am still on a job hunt, probably even looking for something away from my home country … so, inevitably, this could at least slow down blogging in the future.

What is the best thing?

Like Summer, I am going to assume that the best thing about blogging is meant by the question. I would definitely say the people that I met in the infinite realm of the interwebs! I’ve made some great friends and it sometimes feels like I talk to them more often than to non-virtual people in my life.

What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

Earlier on I really stressed about the regularity of my posts. I am not saying that consistency is something bad, but the world isn’t going to end if you miss a couple of days! I get really tense about these sort of things, because I generally have a hard time letting go of things that keep nagging me. Like for example, if someone makes a statement pointing out a mistake I made, my brain won’t shut up about it for days – even when the person was really nice and just wanted to help me and no one was mad at all. I was the same about my blog in the beginning, but now I am a lot more relaxed about it and simply write as often as I can and when I want to and somehow I got my brain to tune that out.

How long does it take you to create/find pictures to use?

As you may have noticed, I am not the most creative person with my pictures. I have my header template and font style that I use for pretty much everything now. When I write about books I use their cover, for TV shows I go to the official gallery of the episode and for movies I mostly use their banners/posters and trailers. If I decide to spice up my post with gifs, a simple Google search mostly does it because I have a clear idea of what I want to use.

Who is your book crush?

Argh! I’d really like to use Summer’s answer, saying Jem Carstairs … but I will think of someone else! (There are so many, it’s difficult to choose anyway …) How about Lucien from A Court of Thorns and Roses! I love him!

What author would you like to have on your blog?

Tahereh Mafi! And if I am allowed to be really greedy, I’d like her to come with Ransom Riggs together! The Shatter Me series is one of my favourite book series and Tahereh‘s style of writing is just so unique and beautiful! But also, have you seen those two together? They are hilarious, lovable and weird and my absolute idols!
(But again, I would also love to steal Summer’s answer, which was Cassandra Clare!)

What do you wear when you write your blog posts?

Clothes? Sometimes I am still in my PJ’s other times I am wearing regular clothes. I am not quite sure why this is a question …

How long does it take you to prepare?

Okay, that entirely depends on the post. If it’s a review, I try to write it pretty soon after finishing the book. But if it’s a tag or award post it can take from an hour to weeks. (I am mostly out of ideas for facts about myself!)

How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture?

I LOVE IT! Everyone is so supportive and kind! Even when people have different opinions, it doesn’t get out of hand, but instead you can lead a nice and animated discussion and everyone respects your thoughts. To my shame I have to admit that I did not expect everyone to be so welcoming, but I am glad I was wrong!

What do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

Again, Summer gave a brilliant answer! It really depends on what your definition of success is. Do you want an endless amount of followers or are you looking for people to interact with you on the blog? I personally prefer the latter. I don’t care about how many people read my blog (even though I am so happy about each and every new follower), if none of them engage with me, there is not fun in it. So, if you want the same thing as me, be yourself in your writing and don’t try to please anyone in particular. Express your thoughts truthfully, but also make your site easy to navigate. For example, always have a search bar!

Who do you tag?

I think a lot of people have already done this tag, so sorry if I have tagged you and you already did it. I would still love it if you left a link to your post in the comments so that I can check it out though! So, do you all feel like you know me a lot better now?