Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #2

For those of you who have missed the introduction to this new feature on the blog, don’t hesitate to stop by the first post right here. Basically, it’s just me talking about everything I’ve watched within the span of a week, so that I’d have a more regular blog series. I can’t always promise that I’ll have something to talk about in each category every single week, but so far so good. Let’s dive in!


Wolf Like Me (Season 1)

This show absolutely blew me away! First of all, kudos for casting Josh Gad and Isla Fisher as the romantic leads, because they were simply enchanting. Furthermore, this was a phenomenal genre mix. Of course, you have to like slow, atmospheric storytelling, but that’s kind of my jam when I’m in the right mood, so, good on them!

It is dark, comedic and just really hones down on the fact that we all carry baggage and we need to find the right pack to carry some of the load with us. I loved the message, the soundtrack and the aesthetics, but I wish they’d never shown *it*, because the suspense of not knowing was so much sweeter (and the CGI/effects were … meh). There’s talks of a possible second season, which I’d definitely be here for!

After Life (Season 3/Final Season)

This was the final of After Life and dang, they made sure you’d cry your eyes out one last time. There’s really not all that much to say, because if you’ve watched this show previously, you know the tone, the way they tell the story and will always get you in your feels. I liked how it was wrapped up, but I did miss Roisin Conaty’s Roxy in the end. That would be one of my few points of critique …


How I Met Your Father (Season 1)

I really didn’t put up nearly as much resistance to watching this as I thought I would. Let’s be real … HIMYM burned me. That final season will forever go down as one of the most disappointing events in TV history and I cannot go through that garbage fire again. But, optimistic as I am, I guess I hope they’ve learned from their mistakes? Please?

The thing is, the pilot did hint at “only” four possible fathers in question, which is already better than not knowing anything at all for 7 seasons or something. Still, they’re very much pushing a certain pairing that just looks too eerily similar to Ted and Robin, so … not sure. I do very much like the cast though, there’s delightful references to HIMYM and most of all, I love how they showed adults finding new friends. For now, I’m here for it!

Abbott Elementary (Season 1)

I forgot this last week, but I love Abbott Elementary! I’m not even really a sitcom person, if you look at most of the shows I watch, but Abbott Elementary has my attention. Created by and starring Quinta Brunson, who you might remember from her days at Buzzfeed, she really gets to show off her true talents. I’m so glad that she’s not only sharing her great humor, but also shines a light on some fundamental problems in the American educational system.

Pivoting (Season 1)

Not sure if I will really stick with this show. It’s about a friend group that loses one of their won. The women sort of all spiral after that and grief is usually my jam, but somehow this isn’t hitting home as much as I’d like. I’ll give it a couple more episodes, but I might drop it.

Euphoria (Season 2)

I’m not actually a big fan of Euphoria. It’s too gritty and explicit for me, aside from the fact that I barely like any of the characters. I skip through a lot of storylines, which I’m sure, sounds ludicrous to some people. Anyway, I’m mostly here for Lexie and Fezco. Thanks.

Superman and Lois (Season 2)

People keep saying Nat might hook up with either Jordan or Jonathan, but they better not make that a thing! To me, she’s their genetic sibling, their biological sister. It would be weirder than Loki and Sylvie in my head. I could see Nat and Sarah happening though, especially after the summer camp revelation … just saying …

Nancy Drew (Season 3)

Last episode was really good! It had more urgency, the gang working together and Tunji killed it with his speech to the rest of the jury. I got goosebumps. He rocked his role as Nick that day!!


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Last Night in Soho

I was really excited for this movie and maybe, in hindsight, that was bad and robbed me of some of the enjoyment. That’s not to say that I disliked it, but it was only so-so for me.

Considering how Edgar Wright wrote an open letter to movie goers about how they shouldn’t spoil this film, I really don’t know what the fuzz was about. I guessed every single twist and thought they actually were necessary or made a lot of sense considering the story path. Nothing (and I really mean nothing) was surprising about this movie.

In usual Wright fashion, I loved the music and aesthetic. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back to his films, even when I wasn’t super impressed by the story. It just felt like he was telling two different stories here and I wish he had stuck with the first one and just cut the horror/thriller elements. But, oh well, it is what it is and I’m glad I’ve seen it now. The cast was phenomenal!


This felt like the longest prequel to an actual story ever. I get that Dune is pretty epic, so it makes sense that they need several parts to tell the tale, but imagine the disappointment and frustration if it hadn’t gotten a sequel!? That would have been such a bummer.

I want you to keep in mind that I neither read the book nor watched previous adaptations, but I enjoyed myself. I liked the cast, although I was sad to loose some of my favorites so early on, and enjoyed the atmosphere. I don’t think it had to be quite this long … but I get that they needed to establish a lot. Looking forward to the next one!

Sex Appeal

Alright, where to begin? This movie started out fairly typical, had some really fun visual ways to portray the sexual acts and then didn’t end like an utter cliché at least. It was in no way revolutionary, but had some relatable glimpses here and there. The humor didn’t always hit home at all with me, but my main issue was that I didn’t really root for the lead. Somehow they failed to make us care about someone who is supposed to carry the movie.

Have you watched any of these? Would you like to? How up to date are you on your watchlist? Let’s talk!

Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #1

As I’ve mentioned in my “All My 2022 Goals“-posts, there’s going to be some slight changes to regular features on this blog. Sundays with trailers are a fixture already, but I want to switch it up for Thursdays. Basically, this series will be the replacement for my binge-watching posts! This is a space where I’ll talk about everything I’ve watched in the course of  a week and where we can discuss most recent releases and even single episodes, if you like.

Today, however, will include some stuff I’ve watched during the past month or so, just to get caught up. Wouldn’t want you all to miss out on my random ramblings on all things TV and movies. Therefore, this isn’t a super accurate depiction of how lengthy and detailed future posts are going to be.


The Wheel of Time (Season 1)

This show reignited my love for High Fantasy TV shows and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that fact. The characters were so easy to get attached to and the world-building was so fascinating, I’m going to read the books soon. Because yes, I have not read the books before and I know there were a lot of changes, but I still feel like I need to know more about the lore.

Generally, I feel like they did a great job with casting; everyone is bringing something special to the table. However, you have to admit that the women were either written better or are just doing a better job, because they carried the first season. Especially towards the last episodes, things became more and more rushed and I wish they had granted the showrunner the additional episodes he had asked for. I know a lot of it is due to Barney Harris’ (the actor who played Mat) sudden departure from the show and the way they had to rewrite everything from the end of episode 6 onward. No one knows what happened there and I doubt my curiosity will be satisfied anytime soon, but it disrupted things for sure and I know I will miss Harris’ portrayal of the character. I’m sure his replacement, Dónal Finn, is a fine actor, but he has huge shoes to fill.

The world of the Wheel of Time is vast and complex in part and I don’t think they were able to portray everything in a way that made sense to both, new viewers and book fans. Still, it was a huge success for Amazon and I hope they’re going to consider lengthier seasons for the future.

A Discovery of Witches (Season 3/Final Season)

In case you didn’t know, I love this show. It can get corny and tropey at times, but there’s something about witches, vampires and demons set in modern day while still honoring history that just … works for me. Some may remember that I compared the first season and the first book (you can check that out here, if you’ve missed it) and I didn’t continue reading the series afterwards, because I enjoyed the TV portrayal more. The aesthetics and the acting were divine.

I understand why they went with a three-season-format, sticking to the plot of each book, but I could have easily seen this show expand beyond that and am a little sad it didn’t. I heard rumors of a spin-off for my favorite character, Gallowglass, which I would absolutely be here for, but I cannot tell if that announcement was a joke or not. Either way, they definitely managed to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the main plot, but I would have loved to follow the characters for a time longer. I know there’s only so much material from the books, but you can go off page. It has happened before.

As you can tell, I’m going to miss it!

Dickinson (Season 3/Final Season)

I don’t know how to put this, but I was a little underwhelmed by the final season? I liked the freedom they took with Emily’s actual history and the bits they stuck with for the most part. I always knew it was a weird show, but some aspects just didn’t work as well for me this time around. It’s a me-thing for sure, because I know for a fact that most of the audience loved the conclusion to the series.

Emily in Paris (Season 2)

Emily is just not a very good person. Stereotypes were enforced even more this season. And yet … Emily in Paris got renewed for TWO more seasons. I’m definitely part of the problem, because while I don’t like what they depict in that show, I binge it in a single day every time a new season releases. That probably says more about me than I’m comfortable facing.

Anyway, I’m neither on Emily, Gabe or Camille’s side on this one. They made a whole mess for themselves, but dang, Lucien Laviscount came into that show and really brought the charm. Emily is so gonna mess this up with him. She messed it up with Mathieu too and I really liked him.


The Cleaning Lady (Season 1)

I’m not a crime and thriller kind of girl, but this show has me hooked. Tropes and themes I usually don’t like, such as organized crime, infidelity, heavy sickness of a child; all make this show even more compelling. There is an urgency and sense of peril at all times. Thony just wants to survive and take care of her kid and you gotta admire a mother who goes beyond what her morality tells her to do. Also, the two male leads are nice to look at. I had to say it.

Call Me Kat (Season 2)

I’m glad Call Me Kat is back! It’s one of those brief escapes from reality filled with cats, awkwardness and humor. It’s just nice and fun! I’m glad they resolved the love triangle cliffhanger from the last season finale fairly quickly and I’m looking forward for what the seaosn holds.

Superman and Lois (Season 2)

I feel like a lot of people aren’t giving this show a real chance, but I love it. It’s one of the best portrayals of Clark and Lois in a long time. They’ve brought original ideas to the show, especially concerning the twins and parenthood, while still honoring a lot of characters from the comic books. While the second half of Season 1 wasn’t my favorite, Season 2 opened strong and has me very excited for what they’ve got planned for us.

Nancy Drew (Season 3)

I’m not vibing with this season as much as previous ones. I don’t know if it’s the constant breaks or the slow destruction of my enjoyment of the Nace ship, but it’s something. I still like the characters a lot, but if they drag certain storylines on for much longer, I’m not sure they still have my interest.

9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 3)

Everyone’s in danger. Nothing and no one is where they’re supposed to be. They only aired two episodes and are already on break and I cannot stand it. They’re really out there playing with my heart.


The Four of Us

Couldn’t find an English trailer, but it might be on Netflix internationally as well? Either way, couldn’t resist mentioning a German production (again).

The movie didn’t get the best of reviews and I’m not saying it’s brilliant, but it’s also not terrible. The thing is, this is one of those movies that would have worked equally as well as a theater production. There was no discernible advantage to this being a movie, so I can understand how it’s just not for everyone. I thought it was enjoyable though and a great take on modern relationships.


I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I’ve watched it so many times at this point and I know I keep saying that, but it keeps being true. Not a day goes by where I don’t sing “Surface Pressure” or “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to myself, they’ve just captured my heart. I kind of wish Disney would make this into a whole series, so we could continue to see what the Madrigals are up to. I’m so curious about each of their rooms and would have loved more time with Luisa, Dolores, Camillo and Antonio. Or, you know, just EVERYONE!

Do you like this new format? What are some tweaks and changes you’d like to see in this feature moving forward? Did you watch any of the things I mentioned? Let’s talk!