Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 21-27)

Don’t worry, this week’s post isn’t nearly as long as last week’s … at least I hope so. I haven’t actually checked out everything that was released yet, so let’s discover it all together!


Christopher Robin

It really seems to be the time of Winnie the Pooh revivals. But it looks cute?


I think this would have been cooler if it hadn’t been so close to the last Disney live action adaptation?


Charlie Hunnam, Michael Socha and Rami Malek? Count me in!!


This has gotten such good reviews across all platforms. I am really intrigued about what Paul Dano’s directorial debut holds in store for us.

A Simple Favor

I just really want to read this before the movie comes out and I am not even usually a fan of thrillers.

Old Boys

Awe, it’s the guy from The End of the F***ing World!


Mia Wasikowska is just always really cool in my opinion.

The Sisters Brothers

Personally not a big fan of Westerns but I know there’s definitely a market for it.

City of Lies

Aside from the fact that I am kind of over Johnny Depp, isn’t there a mini series on HBO about the same topic?

Too Old to Die Young

I know nothing after this trailer.


I just still thinks this looks like it was fun to film.

TV Shows

Take Two

I thought this reminded me of Castle and then … it was made by the same people who did Castle.


I stand by the statement that I think this looks interesting even though it reminds me a lot of Falling Waters. We will see how it fares once it actually airs.

Star (Season 3)

I am so happy this got renewed.

Preacher (Season 3)


The BBC does a lot of kidnapping stories it feels like.

What are you watching? Did anything catch your eye? Let’s talk!