October 2020 Wrap-Up

October was A LOT for me. Initially, I was still on a blogging and reading high, but then halfway through the month it all fizzled out as I got busy with something else. However, I did finish my Goodreads reading goal for the year (30 books) and even surpassed it. Usually I have to scramble to get all the reads in by the end of December, so, it’s super neat to not feel that pressure. Even if, all things considered, I put that pressure on myself.

Anyway, here’s what I read:

  • Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe (3 stars)
  • Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert (5 stars)
  • The Lives of Saints by Leigh Bardugo (5 stars)
    I did not review this on the blog, because I didn’t know how. It’s like dark fairy tales, but everyone ends up being a saint in the Grishaverse. I think especially the later entries might have had more impact if I had read the Shadow and Bone trilogy, but it still worked great for me. I do love it when a universe is expanded upon.
  • DKMH by Dacre Montgomery (2.5 stars)
    While this had a great opening, I really struggled to connect to the actual poems. I know it was incredibly personal for Dacre, but they felt random to me.

Charming as a Verb Get a Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters, #1) The Lives of Saints DKMH

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As mentioned above, I got super busy about halfway through the month. That is due to me finding a job (it’s a call center job, we don’t need to talk about) and having gone to multiple job interviews before that and also scheduling a bunch of doctor appointments to get check ups. I don’t know why I made life for myself harder, but yeah …

Now, my country is entering a second lockdown. I don’t think it affects my work (yet?), but we will have a curfew from 8PM to 6AM and I heard a lot of people went to parties this weekend to have like a last hoorah before it is mandatory … don’t think that was the smartest idea? This whole situation is just so endlessly frustrating. I really think this whole year is a dumpster fire, but I also don’t really see the prospect of 2021 being any better.

Sorry for having been such a downer! On to other things!

I wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, but I don’t think I will have the time at all. Maybe I will check in every now and then though and try and get some words in. Will any of you be participating?


I was caught completely off guard by just how much I loved the Haunting of series but I completely lost myself in those ghostly love and family stories. It reignited my love for Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Victoria Pedretti, which had been pretty strong as is anyway. But now I just want to watch even more of all their existing and future work.

I made this for Oli’s birthday!

Also, I went back down a rabbit hole of watching Dylan O’Brien stuff. One was Love and Monsters and the other an episode of Amazing Stories (on Apple TV+) called The Cellar. Both were great and will be talked about in a separate post. But … Victoria Pedretti and Dylan O’Brien in the Cellar was just plain heartbreaking. I can’t stop thinking about them!

The fan video below is pretty spoilery, but SO. GOOD!





Hope you had a great month! Is there something you are planning on doing in November? How is the situation in your country? 

October 2019 Wrap-Up

It’s been a month! (You can interpret that any which way you want.) I am not even trying to compare my Goodreads goal to my actual reading status, but I am proud to say that I have read two books last month.

Both, Dear Evan Hansen and Pan’s Labyrinth, are books that have been written AFTER they’ve become successful as another medium (in this case, musical and film). I tend to like to do read this kind of stuff, just like I am one of the few people who really enjoys book-to-movie adaptations, especially when I am a bit familiar with the casting and may have already seen a trailer. The only thing I am bad at is reading these books if I know too much about the story already. Then it can quickly become boring, even more so if it’s a faithful adaptation. I had a lot of fun with the books last month though and they both rated somewhere in the 4-star-area.

Dear Evan Hansen     Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun

As per usual, when you click on the covers, you’ll get re-directed to Goodreads and when you click on the titles, you’ll get to my reviews!

I am currently, at this very moment, not working anymore. I had my last day of work late October and it coincided with a movie premiere my company hosted and it was a really nice farewell. I say that like I haven’t been to the office twice since then again, but now it’s just for lunch dates with former colleagues and to individually say goodbye to everyone. I don’t think it has really sunk in that I am no longer going to work there, it just feels like I am finally on a vacation (which I deserved, let’s be real). After 14 months, it will be so strange to go back to Vienna, stay in my childhood bedroom for a bit, but I have plans! I don’t want to jinx it, but something is in the works and if that works … it will be big!

Another thing we’ve been talking on here for a while, which I was simply too busy for is me doing reaction videos on YouTube. I’ve made a channel, I shot a video but … due to copyright claims I cannot upload it. I want you to know that I freaking TRIED! My original video was 31 minutes and I edited it down to 14 minutes but still had copyright claims. I figured if I cut any more, the video wouldn’t make any sense. So, I am going to try it with different episodes of the same show, but if that doesn’t pan out, I am going to try a new show altogether. If you have anything you’d like me to react to, just let me know!


If you didn’t see it coming that my absolute favourite thing of the month was Charmed (once again), then I am not sure you know me at all. I put so much fangirl energy into this show, it’s becoming a little ridiculous, but I have to say that they are doing an AMAZING job with season 2. It’s almost as if they have a whole new set of showrunners (which they do and I have already talked about before … ).

I made two fan edits (and I am really no good at that at all), the latest one you can check out here;

What I am pretty happy to have gotten back into is my art though. I have been back using watercolours and also did some practice with regular pencils, all for my favourite Charmed ship – Hacy. I don’t know what has me so obsessed, but I’ve been known to channel all my energy in TV stuff if I don’t have anything else going on.




I hope you had a good month! Sorry that I couldn’t post any Halloween pictures, but I didn’t think my costume through very well. Turns out it was too cold to run around in a Scoops Ahoy uniform …

October 2018 Wrap-Up

Once again, I am coming at you with a wrap-up when I have read absolutely zero books. I don’t know what exactly causes it, but I felt so busy with life and so uninspired to do anything else, that I basically didn’t pick up a book until a week or so ago. I am currently reading A Discovery of Witches, but I am only 30% into the book, so the review will have to wait a while (as for the show – GO WATCH IT!)

Generally, I do feel like I am becoming more myself again though. Not that Berlin changed me as a person THAT much, but overall, I just didn’t have time or energy or motivation to do a lot of things that I would typically consider to be me-things. However, I have managed to post a couple blog posts that weren’t just the usual Sunday trailer round-ups and I even got back into drawing again. I haven’t painted anything in such a long time, it was entirely strange to do it in a new setting with different lighting and materials. So, while this may not be the most perfect Teresa Palmer/Diana Bishop (yes, the only thing I managed to draw was a person from A Discovery of Witches), I am still very happy with the outcome! I think it’s some of my most detailed work with watercolors I have done so far.

Since it is already November, I also want to announce that I am taking part in NaNoWriMo! For those of you new to the subject, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and is supposed to be a motivational event to get you to finish your work in progress or reach at least 50K words in the span of that one month. Feel free to add me on the website (click here for my profile info) and hold me accountable as I go along. I am not actually striving to hit 50K with my #witchyWIP, but I just want to make sure I do write a little bit every day or as often as possible this month.


If you haven’t guessed it yet, I don’t know how to help you, because my favourite thing of the month is obviously A Discovery of Witches. It’s probably annoying how much I talk about it on here, but I am absolutely mesmerized by that show. It is beautifully shot, it has haunting performances of both Teresa and Matthew, as well as the remainder of the cast and the story is really interesting. There’s actual science or at least the need for science to explain the origin of all species and to prevent the supernatural creatures from dying out. If that’s not a great spin on star-crossed lovers then I don’t even know.


I know I have been absolutely, not-shockingly-at-all absent from your blogs. I am truly sorry for that, but keeping up with the things on my own platform were sometimes all I could handle. Still, I want to at least highlight a little of my friend’s work and especially Marie’s part in the Shattering Stigmas series of this year (although everyone who contributed did an amazing job and was so brave for opening up!). And since it’s the month of NaNoWriMo, I also want to mention a great post on Plotting and Planning your WIP by Beth! I am sure you can find some great ideas and approaches there or at the very least a good platform to discuss how you tackle your writing.




How was your month? Did you read or watch something good? Let’s chat all about it – especially if you have watched A Discovery of Witches as well! 

October 2017 Wrap-Up

The last day of October has come and gone. My last day in Vancouver has come and gone. I feel like I just arrived here a week ago and now all I have left is one week in Toronto. Life is strange sometimes. For the first time in a long time, I actually managed to read something last month AND wrote a review. I know, it was a shock to me as well.

I Hate Everyone But You

Click on the title for the review and on the cover to get re-directed to Goodreads!

I don’t think my brain has fully realised that it’s not in Vancouver anymore or the fact that it won’t be there again for a considerable amount of time. Anyway, coming back to Toronto was nice. (I literally ran into a set upon arriving downtown … It didn’t even take me 5 minutes) It felt familiar and a little like home in a way too. I know my way around and I know how things work, that is just always so much less stress than in an entirely new place. I doubt I will do very much, this is more of a time to rest and get my wits together before returning back to Vienna.

Before leaving Vancouver, I tried to cram in as many sets as possible and I managed to do that quite alright. I think I’ve seen everyone from the Arrowverse at least a couple times now. I also feel like I ran into more people on the streets, which is super strange. What do you say? What do you do? If you are me, probably nothing because you are too shy/embarrassed/frozen in place. However, I did manage to meet Rahul Kohli and Rob Raco and take pictures with them. Yay!

My friend and I also got to attend a Riverdale event in Vancouver, where they gave out free Betty and Veronica (vanilla and chocolate) milkshakes to fans. Marisol was there, she plays Veronica’s mum, and we got the chance to dress up in Riverdale attire. It was a lot of waiting around, but since we were pretty much among the first 50 people to get in, it also a lot of fun.

Lastly, I just want to express my deep, deep love for Stranger Things! My entire camera roll is currently pictures of Steve, Hopper or the kids. I can’t even tell who I like best, because I like them all so much. Who would have thought that I would be the one to fall for a scary show?




How was your month? How are you doing? Let’s chat!

October 2016 Wrap-Up


So, once again my TBR did not hold up. Life was just too busy, but more about that later. Here’s what I did manage to read:

As always, click on the covers to be redirected to Goodreads and on the titles/names to get redirected to my reviews or the ones of my buddies if they are up yet!

It Ends with Us   Vassa in the Night   A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire, #1)   


You’ve probably noticed that my posts have become less and less regular and I have settled for myself that I will be downsizing from 4-5 posts to about 3 per week. There have been some changes in my work life (of my own accord), which means I have to woman up and DO something. I generally don’t like to spend my free time on research and applications, but that will ultimately have to be the case unless someone decides to pay me for blogging. All of this can change again at any time, but I am trying to find a healthy balance between work, blogging, reading and writing and I don’t think I have much more than that in me. Also, I won’t post a TBR for next month, simply because I still have so much leftover from October, that I don’t see the point. I will just go and read how much I can, while also working on my own writing. Speaking of which!

Arcadia is still a work in progress, but I am hoping to really make a dent into my word count during NaNoWriMo. You can keep up with the story by clicking hereAlso, feel free to add me as you writing buddy if you are doing NaNoWriMo as well! I would love to cheer you on and see how you progress during the month. My user name is the same as almost everywhere, Kat_Impossible!





How was your month? I hope you are all doing well!

October 2016 TBR


I mostly stick to my TBRs when I can, but there are times when I simply do not know which books to choose, because I want to read EVERYTHING so bad. Since I am really terrible at making decisions, I am just going to list some books here that I want to read, but I have no idea if I will have the time with work and writing and researching to actually do so.

  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
    This month I am going to read it for real, together with my good friend Cátia.
  • Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter
    The book was featured in the September Fairyloot box and is a new take on Russian folklore. It includes the myth of Baba Yaga, so I am already immensely excited to read it.
  • Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
    This one will be in my OwlCrate box, which I know because I have no self restraint. NONE!
  • A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess
    Ever since I’ve seen the cover, I’ve just been in love. I want to read this one so bad!
  • Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin
    There is no way I would pass up an opportunity to read the sequel to one of my favourite reads from this year.
  • Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
    Time to jump on the bandwagon I guess? I haven’t even read the Grisha books, but I will try and see if I can do without them.
  • The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch
    I have not read the best of reviews for that one, so I am not very eager to read it. However, it’s an arc and I will get through it, hopefully before the release date … I will most likely be reading this with Cátia and Cristina as well.

As always, click on the covers to be redirected to Goodreads!

It Ends with Us   Vassa in the Night   Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns, #1)   A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire, #1)   Blood for Blood (Wolf By Wolf #2)   Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)   Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)   

My month is packed with almost exclusively Fantasy and I am quite happy about that, since it’s one of my favourite genres ever! What are you reading this month?

October 2015 Wrap-Up


Despite what I said last month, I actually have read a couple of books this month. This is due to me finally listening to my friends and signing up for NetGalley to get free eArcs for review. So, all books I’ve read this month are eBooks! I still prefer actual physical copies, but I have to admit that it helped a lot with my book buying addiction. One month without buying anything – wohooo! Now, let’s take a look at what I read this October:

  • Rikki by Abigail Strom
    A cute story about rivals falling in love with each other. If it weren’t for a certain creepy thing one of the MC’s does, it would have been truly great.
  • How Many Letters Are In Goodbye? by Yvonne Cassidy
    The review for this book is scheduled for February to be relatively close to it’s release in March. I unfortunately couldn’t connect with the MC very much, which made it difficult to like the book.
  • Abby and the Cute One by Erin Butler
    The perfect book for fans of boy bands, insta-love and general cuteness.
  • Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame
    I liked this one so much, mostly because there were so many references to places I like or have actually been to. I know, I am an easy target.

As always, if you want to know more click on the titles for my full reviews and on the covers to get redirected to Goodreads!

26165164   26404153   26199131   25883610

In other news!

There were a couple of milestones that I didn’t actually blog about, but only mentioned on Twitter. We surpassed not only the 250-follower-mark but also achieved more than 4,000 comments. Every time we get to another one of those blogging-milestones, I am just in awe with you all. I never thought that people would actually like to read what I have to say so much, but I am so happy that you do. So, I am using this as a platform to once more say: THANK YOU!

I also wrote a lot about NaNoWriMo and participating and got some great feedback from you all. I am glad you like my idea and I’m really excited about writing. The kick-off was last midnight, but I haven’t gotten very far. However, I do plan on sharing the experience and maybe even bits and snippets of the story right here. If you are interested, I would also love to have some of you as Beta-readers when or if I finish the story and get around to editing it.

Now, how was your month? Did you read some interesting books? Did you prepare for NaNoWriMo as well? Tell me all about it!

September Wrap-Up & October Expectations


This month I have not exactly managed to reach my goal even though it looked so promising in the beginning, but let’s take a look at my September TBR to see what I’m talking about:

  • The Magician King and the Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman
    Was I happy to finish this series! I actually liked the second and third book a lot more than the first one, so I am glad I stuck with it. However, I know that this will never become one of my favourite book series …
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    Someone said that I probably won’t finish it this month and well, I didn’t finish it. I read like 50 pages, but I’ve been so busy and in kind of a reading slump the second half of the month, I just didn’t get to it. Lame excuse, I know.
  • Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines
    This one was nice. It didn’t go as deep as I had hoped and the people in the book are beyond superficial, but I guess for a light summer read it suffices.
  • The Next Together by Lauren James
    I think I am one of the few people on the planet who didn’t love this. I explained why in my detailed review.

But somehow I still managed to achieve to read 5 books, just not all from my TBR:

  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
    A really good book, but not my favourite Rowell-novel.

As always, if you want to know more click on the titles for my full reviews and on the covers to get redirected to Goodreads!

10819920  19103097    23266378  ep

So, another pretty average month in terms of reading. I know that I can read more, it’s just not very likely at the moment. I am still somewhat happy with the outcome.

In other news we hit some pretty amazing milestones on the blog!! There are now more than 200 followers on the blog and more than 3,000 comments were made on the site. I love talking to you all and to see how engaged everyone is! Thank you again for making blogging even more fun!


Now, there is a reason I am putting my October discussion in this post as well. I won’t have a TBR for next month because other than Frankenstein, I am out of books. Okay, that’s a lie … I do have plenty of books, but none that I feel like reading and for new ones I just don’t have the money or time right now. The job hunt is getting really intense and there is only 1 MONTH until NaNoWriMo!!!

I am not yet sure if I will participate for sure, but I would definitely like to. However, in order to do so, I have made a deal with myself that I would have to be finished with the second draft of my NaNo-novel from last year. Seen as I am still only on chapter 11 (from more than 30) I wouldn’t bet on me getting done in time, but I still hope so. Wish me luck on finishing with editing, because I haven’t planned ANYTHING for the new novel yet. It’s kind of tricky to roughly write 1,700 words per day if you have no idea what the story is about.

How was your September? Do you have specific plans for October? And are you participating in NaNoWriMo? (If you want to add me as a writing buddy, just click here!)