iZombie Season 2 Premiere

I never thought that I’d b into a zombie story as much as I am into iZombie. They ended with quite a bang last season and now Liv has to deal with the aftermath. Spoilers for the Season 2 Premiere ahead!

As a little reminder, here is what happened last time we saw iZombie: Liv used up the entire cure Ravi found on Blaine and Major. Since she therefore is still a zombie, she couldn’t donate blood for her injured brother – her family didn’t take that well. Also, Peyton left (Ravi broken hearted).

Now that we continue with Season 2, I’ll break it down into all the characters as always:

  • Liv’s brother really didn’t take it well that she didn’t help him. Her mother neither, but the thing is, why couldn’t she just lie to them? Tell them she had some sort of blood disease? No one said she had to go with the zombie-thing. Either way, I get why they are pissed at her and she’ll need to do a lot of fixing on that front.
  • They are not the only ones who are not talking to her though – Major is avoiding her as well. Clive thinks he has something to do with what happened at the meat shop, which he obviously did, but Liv is protecting him.
  • Blaine is far from having gone legit after being turned human, but at least he is now providing brains from already dead people for his zombie clients. I will never forgive him for what he did to Lowell, but I do like him as a character so very much. I think it’s going to be fun to see him being human again and kind of having to team up with Liv. They just really remind me of Buffy and Spike sometimes – anyone else get that vibe?
  • Ravi is a little frustrated with Liv, because he can’t replicate the cure again. They don’t know how long it will last and if it is a permanent cure at all. However, apparently the ex-zombies can now feel other zombies when they are around – they have an actual physical response to their presence.
  • The villain of the season is someone we actually know: the people at Max Rager, who were responsible for the zombie outbreak in the first place. They are truly evil – they forced Major to become a zombie killer. Yeah, I know that he actually wanted to do that last season, but he had reasons to dislike those particular zombies. I feel so sorry for him, especially because they want him to kill Liv. I wonder how long he can put it off.
    And then the shocker that they’ve already infiltrated Liv’s life in form of her new roommate is so creepy! They must have bugged the entire place and her phone and who knows what else …

Now, I hope Peyton comes back soon and I hope she’s on team zombie/Liv! Also, I wouldn’t mind if it were somehow possible that Lowell came back, but I guess there are some things even a zombie can’t recover from … What were your thoughts on the iZombie Season 2 Premiere?

Fall Review: Code Black

Once again I am coming to you with a Fall Premiere of a show. This time it is from CBS and called Code Black!

CastMelanie Chandra, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Marcia Gay Harden, Harry Ford, Raza Jaffrey, Luis Guzmán, Bonnie Somerville, …

A Code Black is when there are more patients needing help than a hospital can provide due to lack of resources. A normal hospital has this happening about 5 times a year, the Angel’s Memorial an average of 300 times. The show follows the doctors and nurses who have to deal with the craziness.

I thought I was done with medical dramas, but it turns out I am just tired of Grey’s Anatomy. All the others are still fine! Code Black is based off the documentary of the same title by Ryan McGarry. They really tried to push the show with the casting of Marcia Gay Harden as one of the leading tough surgeons, but I recognised some of the other faces too. The characters are fine so far, but not all of them are likable from the beginning. They tried to give each resident their own problems, but what show doesn’t have that?

That’s a bit the problem with Code Black. It focuses on a very unique situation in hospitals, but whereas that should create tension and drama, it still has difficulties distinguishing itself from all the other med dramas out there. Sure, if you like that sort of thing, it’s an entertaining show with lots of blood spilt and suctioned up, but it’s not unique. It is possible that it will develop over time. My Wednesday nights are already pretty full with Chicago PD, Empire, Nashville and some other comedies. Still, I’ll give Code Black a chance, but only for a couple more episodes.

What do you think? Should the producers have taken a look at the market and never even developed the show? Or are you embracing another medical drama?

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Premiere

I have to be honest and admit that I needed a little refresher about what happened last season on Agents of SHIELD. However, after looking up some details I had completely forgotten, I have to say that I liked the Season 3 Premiere. shiled

I had to get over the weirdness that Skye is now officially calling herself Daisy, but other than that I think they set up the new season nicely. SHIELD is trying to protect the growing Inhuman population, while there are new “enemies” who try to neutralize them instead. One is the new task force called ATCU (Advanced Threat Containment Unit) and the other one a powerful blue monster-guy named Lash. Let’s break it down though:

  • I think seeing Skye Daisy fully embrace her powers is cool. Her helping the new guy Joey (who did a wonderful job of playing the confused normal guy who gets thrown into craziness) was really interesting to see but I am glad that she still wants Lincoln‘s help. I mean she’s good with Mack as her partner, but better with Lincoln. Those two pairing up and combining their powers is just awesome.
  • Coulson‘s meeting with Rosalind, head of ATCU, was great! I mean we now know that ATCU isn’t all bad, but I hope it doesn’t turn out that they are like the real/new SHIELD or something like that.
  • Bobbi and Hunter are cute, but they need to decide what they want. Are they together or not?
  • Can we all just appreciate how amazing Fitz/Iain De Caestecker was in this episode? Having to save Jemma really made him a badass and I never thought I would see him go on dangerous solo missions. The final scene where he just screams at the Monolith was brilliant!
  • So Jemma is not dead. Which we already knew, since she’s still part of the cast. It seems she’s somewhere across the universe and I want to know how they’ll get her home!!!
  • May and Ward were noticeably absent this week. It was already shown in the promo that Ward would return next time, but the team definitely needs Melinda May on their side. How can she just not come back from her vacation?
  • The events of Sokovia (Avengers 2) were mentioned a couple of times and I think it’s always nice that they keep integrating the whole Marvel universe.
  • Just a little final question: Who exactly is funding SHIELD now?

I know this was rather short, but my main opinion came across. What did you think of the Season 3 Premiere?

Downton Abbey Season 6 Premiere

So, the beginning of the end has started. As announced in my post about the Trailer for Season 6 of Downton Abbey, this will be the final season. If you haven’t watched the first episode of Season 6 yet, then beware of Spoilers!!

I don’t see the point of really reviewing the episode as such. I’ve always liked the pace and writing of Downton Abbey and I was glad to see that not much has changed in that department. Except for the fact that we are now already in the year 1925, it seems the show will approach the final season in its usual charming and calm style. My heart swells every time I hear the title theme and I am just so happy to have the show back. (Also, I am not giving up on the possible sequels in the shape of movies!). So, instead you’ll get a recap of what is going on with the different characters and my thoughts about it:

  • Times are changing and even the family at Downton can’t deny that. They need less and less staff and see their friends giving up on their estates altogether. I suppose this is foreshadowing of what we can expect to happen to Lord Grantham as well, seen as society is evolving and classes are broken down.
  • Thomas was so adorable with little George and Marigold. He gives them piggyback rides and entertains them the whole day. I am always happy to see a kinder and softer side of him.
  • Right in the beginning Mary gets blackmailed by a maid from the hotel where she had her little indiscretion. It is all handled by the Lord himself, who pays the lady and even acquires a signed confession. Mary is really lucky that her parents handle things like that for her, but it all just boils down to her not wanting to get with a man she doesn’t truly love. So, I am guessing that this season will be devoted to finding the right person for her.
  • Edith struggles with people not taking her serious as the owner of the newspaper and she’s currently considering moving to London. She sort of lives in the shadow of Mary at Downton, so I think it would be great for her to go her own way. However, I would be missing her at the estate. She’s really grown on me over the years, considering that I didn’t like her at all in the beginning.
  • Ms Hughes and Carson still haven’t set a date for their wedding, because Ms Hughes is afraid of the physical aspect of their relationship as soon as they’re married. But Carson handles it all great! Those two are an amazing couple and it is only sad to think that it took them so long to really get together.
  • At first it seems that Anna and Bates are still not happy, even though they would so deserve it. The unresolved issue with Anna’s rape charges weighs heavy on them and it seems that Anna has troubles getting pregnant. Bates is, as always, the perfect husband and reassures her in every way possible. By the end of the episode they hear that there’s finally a witness found and that Anna is safe. The whole house celebrates and they are happy for a bit, but I guess that the baby-topic will remain a subject in following episodes.
  • Lady Grantham and Ms Crowley are fighting over the future of the hospital and the Doc gets in the middle of it. Those two really have one of the most fun relationships on the show!
  • Mr Mason is about to loose his farm and Daisy strongly voices her opinion. It’s amazing to see how much she has changed and that she’s now truly standing up for what she believes (even if it gets her in trouble sometimes).
  • Ms Denkers is mean as always, spreading rumours among the staff and I actually wouldn’t mind if Lady Grantham let her go.
  • Since Tom and Rose are both currently in America, they were only mentioned in the episode. I missed them both dearly and hope that they’ll make a final appearance towards the end!

So, what did you make of the Season 6 Premiere? Who’s story are you most looking forward to this season?

Teen Wolf Season 5 Summer Finale

I can’t believe how quickly this first part of Season 5 (which is split just like Season 3 was) of Teen Wolf has gone by. This review definitely contains Spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the Summer Finale yet, beware!!

So, WOW! I mean the season already started with a bang, but I did not expect it to be so … dreadful. (See what I did there? Dreadful – Dread Doctors? No? Okay, I’ll stop …) This season was definitely cool, edgy and a lot darker than the previous ones, but I am not sure I how I feel about it. The pack always had obstacles to overcome, but this, it’s just looking bleak now. During the entire season, there was barely any beacon of hope visible (except for cute puppy love scenes between Hayden and Liam), everything was just doom and gloom and I think that sort of dragged me down.

Also, I had a hard time seeing any character development for the better here, because let’s face it, everything pretty much fell apart. Let’s recap what happened and where we are right now with the different storylines:

  • So, Theo is evil. That was kind of predictable. Turns out he is a chimera of some sort and one of the first experiments of the Dread Doctors to succeed. He wanted Scott’s pack for himself, but in the end he revived all the “failed” experiments and made them his pack. Only good thing about that in my opinion is that there’s now a chance for Layden to happen again.
  • Scott really messed it up. Stiles is one of the most important people in his life and he didn’t listen when he expressed his distrust of Theo and even more shockingly he believed Theo when he told his pretty little lie (couldn’t resist, sorry …) about how Stiles killed Donovan. Man, you should have trusted Stiles! Also, he knew that something was going on with Kira and ignored it instead of tackling the problem. Now she’s gone …
    Now that he lost the pack, the fight against Theo and almost his life. I don’t know where he stands. He has a lot of fixing to do.
  • We all knew Liam had anger issues, but it broke my heart to see him fight with Scott that much. I understand where he’s coming from, but he will have a hard time forgiving himself for not being there for Hayden during her last moments.
  • Marrish was kind of cute throughout the Season and we FINALLY know what Parrish is: a hellhound. I don’t know what exactly that entails, but it’s cool that we can put a label on it now. And Lydia? She trained with Parrish, but she still needs to work on those badass Banshee-moves. I don’t know where she’s at right now – hanging on to her life I guess and being out of her mind after what Theo did to her.
  • Malia and Stiles are growing apart as they continue to keep secrets from each other. (Theo hitting on Malia, sometimes even naked, doesn’t help either I guess) Also, we ended up meeting the desert wolf and she’s out to kill Malia. Why? We’ll hopefully find out in 5B.
  • Void Stiles – who came up with that???? I don’t fully understand that to be honest, but it’s cool that he’s not seen as the disposable one of the pack. He cannot loose his father though! Absolutely not!
  • Roscoe the jeep got way too much screen time …
  • The episode ends with the Dread Doctors revealing a fresco behind a wall. Jeff Davis said the attentive viewer will get behind it’s significance, but I have no clue.

So, basically Teen Wolf once again gave us no closure whatsoever and left us with a ton of questions to wait 5 months (yes, you’ve heard that right) until Season 5B starts airing. What can we expect to come? Apparently a lot of the questions will be solved while other mysteries will get carried over. Fixing relationships will be a big part of 5B’s theme, seen as almost everyone is broken up right now. Since the timeline is pretty condensed, we will not see the pack graduate – we are not that far apparently. From what I hear it’s still uncertain how the show continues after that. Season 6 could be it, or maybe Tyler Posey‘s character Scott will move into more of a Derek Hale position, while Liam takes over as the new Scott. All is possible!

What were your thoughts on Teen Wolf Season 5A? Did you enjoy it?

Summer Review: Killjoys

The last shows I reviewed were Science Fiction shows, so I thought, why break the streak? Killjoys is another show that airs on Syfy and Space that is rocking futuristic outer space this summer! As always, beware of mild Spoilers!

So, we’re already a couple of episodes into the show and the main plot revolves around a team of Killjoys, who are basically nationless mercenaries that capture (and sometimes kill) high value targets. The team started out as a duo, but soon takes on a very personal mission, involving the brother of one of the members being the target of a kill mission. In order to get him out of the mess, they offer the company another thing or rather person they want and recruit the brother for their own team.

The leads all have great chemistry with each other, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the characters as they each bring baggage from their past. So far, I find Aaron Ashmore‘s character to  to be the most likable of the bunch, mostly because I don’t yet understand the others as well or at least think that he has the least secrets.  The setting is perfectly standard Sci-Fi, which, in my opinion, makes Killjoys an enjoyable genre-piece. The show is fast-paced with a lot of action and fighting, different missions each time and still a lot to discover.

I heard a lot of people compare it to Firefly, but that’s not what comes to mind for me. I would go into this, not having too high expectations for the show and just enjoy it. It airs on the same night as Dark Matter and somehow I could see them being in the same universe. I don’t know for how long those shows will survive, but if they do, a crossover would be so cool (maybe the Killjoys get a warrant for the crew of the Raza?).

What are your thoughts?

Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere

Teen Wolf never ceases to get met excited and that was one heck of a Season 5 Premiere! I’ve already watched the first two episodes and they were truly great. I’ll make sure to separate my review in case you haven’t watched both, but beware of Spoilers nonetheless!

Again, Teen Wolf somehow manages to strike a great balance between dark and gritting stuff, hilarious moments and touching scenes. The Season premiere proved that as our friends in Beacon Hills prepared for their Senior Year at High School.

Episode 1 “Creatures of the Night”:

I was a bit confused when the episode started. Where is Lydia? Why is she catatonic? How could her friends let that happen to her? etc. My mind just swarming with the questions, until I realised that this season will pretty much show us how she got there and what happened to the pack. Whatever happened, it definitely wasn’t good judging from Lydia’s memory (Scott’s mom slapping Sheriff Stilinski, Kira leaving Scott behind, Stiles in a car accident, Parrish in a(nother) fire and Malia’s seemingly bad first meeting with her mother).

However, the rest of the episode was great. The main focus is on everyone adjusting to the anxious mess that is Senior Year. Malia passed the last year just like everyone else (however that is possible, I don’t know) and Stiles frets about loosing his friends, but especially Scott. If it were up to him no one would be left behind, not even his unreliable Jeep. An especially touching moment occurs when they all sign their initials on a school library shelf and Scott adds AA for Allison Argent. I do still miss her …

Sheriff Stilinski also tried to keep Parrish out of harm’s way, but coincidentally sent him exactly to the location our new villain appears. We still don’t know what Parrish is (#WhatIsParrish is still alive …), but he is not a werewolf and he can regenerate. A lot of people are suggesting he’s a Phoenix, but I’m not so sure. I guess we’ll find out this season as well. Actually, the villain of the episode is not the villain of the season, those are some creepy “Doctors” associated with ravens. Wasn’t there a point where someone talked about the fox, the raven and so on? Also, something I don’t know much about it seems!

Another addition to the cast is Pretty Little Liars star Cody Christian as Theo, a former friend of Scott and Stiles, who’s also a werewolf. (More about him in my thoughts about Episode 2)

Kira’s mom mentioned something about the “Wild Hunt” and I just had to think of Cassandra Clare‘s The Mortal Instruments and how those are ruthless killer faeries. It probably (or certainly) has nothing to do with that, but my mind is clogged with BTS material of the Shadowhunter series shoot.

All in all a bit of a confusing but very good start of the season!

Episode 2 “Parasomnia”: 

I want to keep this rather short, so here the main bullet points of what I thought:

  • I trust Stiles when he dislikes someone, because he mostly has a good reason. Yet, he looked so nice even I thought Theo couldn’t be that bad a person … guess I was wrong. The end of that episode was seriously messed up/weird. Who is that guy really?
  • Okay, I just have to say it, the Marrish (aka Parrish and Lydia) scenes were adorable. I could so see them becoming a couple in the future.
  • Scott apparently takes becoming a veterinarian very seriously and (to everyone’s surprise) even takes AP Biology. Good for him!
  • I’m so glad Liam’s best friend finally knows what’s going on! I really like Liam’s character and am sure him getting control over the change as well as the girl he’s apparently wronged in the past will be a huge part of the plot this season!
  • The exchange between Scott and Stiles was the best! Those are some real friendship goals!

So, that’s it for today! If you want to discuss, I am all for it in the comments!

Summer Review: Stitchers

So, ABC Family’s Stitchers just came up on my summer-radar very recently and didn’t have much of a priority. Nonetheless, I still wanted to check it out. This review will include a summary of what the show is actually about, since the Trailer probably doesn’t tell you much, but not really of the entire first episode. Here we go!

Stitchers centers around brilliant student Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), who, after getting academically suspended, is recruited by a secret government agency for a special program. Since Kristen has a rare condition that makes it impossible for her to feel time pass or develop real emotions, she is perfect for the “Stitchers” program. During said experiment a person gets “stitched” into the memory of dead people to determine what happened to them. Kirsten gets the help from government agent Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), neuroscientist Cameron (Kyle Harris), bioelectrical engineer Linus (Ritesh Rajan) and her frenemy-roommate Camille (Allison Scagliotti).

Most of the actors and actresses were pretty new to me, so I didn’t have much motivation to watch the show. Unfortunately, it really didn’t resonate with me. While the premise is interesting enough, it all happened a little fast for me. Kirsten is quick to join the program, given she has no other choice, but it still bothered me that she was so willing to be involved in such a crazy experiment. To be honest, I found it extremely difficult to connect with a main character who apparently has no filter whatsoever and no emotions either. The only light at the end of the tunnel was her chemistry with Cameron … It might be interesting to see her exploring emotions through the memories of other people and to find out more about her background though. Also, there was a Doctor Who reference, so it gets plus points for that!

I will give Stitchers the benefit of the doubt and attempt to watch more episodes (because there isn’t much on during the summer anyway), but lets just say it didn’t rock my world.

Have you seen it?

Orphan Black Season 3 Premiere

I love Orphan Black and after the discovery of the male Castor clones, I was majorly excited for the Season 3 Premiere of the show. Please beware of Spoilers for the first two episodes of the new Season!

Male clones … I don’t know why I am so happy about that, but I am. I think Ari Millen was a great choice too! He already portrayed Mark, a supposed member of the Prolethean group, all through Season 2. I really liked him a lot, because he defied the leader of the group and seemed to have somewhat more sense than the others. Finding out that he’s one of the Castor clones was so exciting and now Sarah gets to meet all sorts of other versions of them. As always I am more than impressed by Tatiana Maslany‘s and Ari Millen‘s acting, because I often wonder how they shoot all the scenes.

I hope you’ve seen everything that happened last Season, because otherwise this will all be pretty confusing. Let’s dissect what’s happened in the Season 3 Premiere (“The Weight of Combination”/”Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”) :

  • Sarah meets Rudy, one of the Castor clones, who tells her that she should count her sisters and lo and behold, Helena is missing. As we know, Mrs S betrayed Helena and handed her over to Paul (who’s part of Castor) in order to protect Sarah. But of course, Sarah isn’t grateful, because there is nothing more important to her than protecting her family, which ultimately ends in her having to send Kira away again. I feel so sorry for them, they’re never able to just be together.
  • There was this scene where Sarah had to play Rachel and Alison played Sarah and that was just so weird. I wonder how Tatiana felt playing that scene.
  • Speaking of Helena: she’s pregnant! And she talks to a scorpion which no one other than her can see… I’m guessing that’s not a good sign, but don’t fret, Sarah is coming for her!
  • Cosima feels better! I love her so much and I am happy she didn’t have to die, but her relationship with Delphine is definitely on the rocks or over …
  • Alison is my favourite and ever since she and Donnie are working together and don’t have secrets anymore, they are even more hilarious! She now wants to take over the drug dealing business from some teenage kid, in order to gain the votes for her campaign from all the addicted soccer moms. Who even thinks like that? It’s genius!
  • Cal … I love Michiel Huisman, be it in this, as Daario in Game of Thrones or in the new movie The Age of Adaline. I don’t even care that he earned his money by creating dubious weapons, he seems like a good father to Kira and that’s all that matters now. And his conversations with jealous Paul are always fun to watch.
  • Have I mentioned that I think Ari Millen is great? The Castor clones are so interesting and it’s great that, contrary to the Leda clones, they are aware of each other. Rudy’s and Seth’s relationship was so cute and heartbreaking. I find Rudy most intriguing so far! He seems like the Sarah Manning of the Castor clones to me. And then there’s Mark … the last scene of “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” looked seriously painful and he better watch out, because Sarah is coming for him. Now I just wish that the Leda and Castor clones would work together instead of against each other.

This Season will surely be exciting! What are your thoughts on Orphan Black?

The Messengers Series Premiere

I gather this post will be rather short, because there is not that much to say about the Series Premiere of the Messengers, but I couldn’t say nothing at all either. Beware of Spoilers!

So, if you’ve seen the First Look video above (which got a little over-dramatic in my opinion), you’ve seen more or less what happens in the first episode. A meteor/person (called “The Man” … seriously? I’ll keep calling him Johnny) crashes to earth, that knocks some people out, who seem clinically dead for a couple of moments. Yet, they are not dead, but awake with strange powers and seemingly have wings, but they can only be seen in reflections. After that they are all drawn to or told to go to Houston, Texas. That’s it … It’s not like nothing happens at all, but we already knew all that. I think I’ll need a lot more episodes to really get to know the characters and to decide how I feel about it.

Nonetheless, here are some thoughts/questions/reflections of mine:

  • So, the Man … who is he? Is he good or evil? I don’t know … I’ve seen some angels behave pretty cold-heartedly, but he could just as well be the devil himself. Red glaring eyes usually don’t indicate anything nice, but I don’t want it to be so obvious.
  • There’s a woman in a coma, which incidentally was the only part left out of the promo above. Why is she so important and why does the Man want her dead?
  • Another promo stated that the messengers are the angels of the apocalypse. That kind of does have me intrigued to be honest.
  • I like the cast, but I’m not sure I like the characters. Does that make sense? I was excited to see J.D. Pardo again after he disappeared from Revolution, I loved Shantel VanSanten on One Tree Hill and let’s face it, Diogo Morgado is hot! But the characters, they are all so sad and broken. I could’ve really needed at least one really upbeat person … although Craig Frank tries his best at bringing a comic element to the show.

The show still needs to earn it’s wings, but I’ll keep at it, because I actually want it to work out.