Mini Reviews: Teen Titans: Raven/Beast Boy

As much as I like comic books, I always struggle to review them. Anyway, I really liked the Teen Titans, so, I figured I at least gave them a try with a mini review! Haven’t done of these posts in a really long time.

Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia (author) and Gabriel Picolo (illustrator)

Teen Titans: RavenA while ago, I would have firmly claimed to be a Marvel girl, but if we are being entirely honest, I am mostly consuming DC content now. While I have never watched or read Teen Titans before, I did watch DC’s Titans and liked it for the most part. This is entirely different, but I feel like that previous knowledge came in handy with Raven anyway.

The graphic novel very much focuses on Raven’s insecurities and her way of trying to figure out who she is as a person. Since she can’t remember anything, she tends to question everything instead of listening to her gut. She’s a teenager, so, she sometimes makes cringy choices, but I found those were easy to forgive.

Something I found confusing at times were the transitions between scenes, as they seemed very disconnected. I also felt like there was definitely some prior knowledge required, or you’d be a bit lost when certain characters started showing up.

Fazit: 4/5 stars! Interesting introduction to this series.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy by Kami Garcia (author) and Gabriel Picolo (illustrator)

Teen Titans: Beast BoyI loved the illustration in this one even more than in the first one, even though it was both done by the same person. Gabriel Picolo has mentioned several times that Beast Boy is very near and dear to his heart and it shows. Especially the pages where Gar uses his powers for the first time are just swoon-worthy.

Again, this one also heavily focuses on the insecurities of the main character. For now, it’s what ties them together as they haven’t met yet. Gar just wants to be popular, not because he likes the people so much, but because he wants to prove a point. I understood why his friends were annoyed with him at times and appreciated that they had their own struggles to face. Still, there was a definite relatability to it, which made Gar very endearing.

Fazit: 4/5 stars! I was never once bored while reading.

Over all, I was really happy with these graphic novels! I think the illustration especially was excellent and I cannot wait for the third book (Beast Boy Loves Raven in Fall 2021). Have you read these ones as well? 

Doctor Who: Face the Raven

So, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post about the VIECC, I was a little busy this weekend, which is also the reason why I haven’t written about Doctor Who‘s Face the Raven yet. Well, that and that I had difficulties finding the right words … Spoilers ahead!!!

face the raven

What was it about?

Rigsy calls the TARDIS because he has a mysterious tattoo at the back of neck that’s counting down. He can’t remember what happened, but with the help of the Doctor and Clara, they discover that he stumbled upon a secret street amidst London. It is full with aliens looking for refuge and Ashildr is their mayor, who think that Rigsy killed one of their own – the numbers on his neck are the countdown to his death. Clara convinces him to give the death sentence to her, but it turn out everything was just a trick to catch the Doctor and now the death can’t be taken back. It’s the end of Clara Oswald and by the end the Doctor gets teleported to his own personal prison world.

My thoughts?

So, how do I do this? I know people’s feelings about Clara were mixed and it definitely was time for her to go. I won’t argue with that, but I loved her and her ending was just lacking something for me. Her growing recklessness had to end in something bad at some point, I am well aware of that, but her death was just stupid and useless. In a way, her end was a lot more finite and a whole lot darker than the one of Amy, Rose or Donna. They all got to live their lives happily ever after, they just weren’t with the Doctor anymore. Here it’s sort of the other way around.

All in all, I did somehow enjoy the episode. There were quite a lot of really good one-liners, but Capaldi‘s Doctor scares me sometimes. He’s just not acting like the Doctor anymore. Remember back in the day when you called upon him to fix things, these days barely anyone survives the episodes, except for Clara … that is until now of course. He really went mental on Ashildr and I get it, but saying “The Doctor is no longer here, you are stuck with me.” made me kind of sad. That was probably also why Clara’s last speech was the way it was, saying that he shouldn’t be a warrior and not take a revenge after she’s gone. The goodbye scene was really what got to me. Clara made it all about him, about wanting to help him get through this but not being able to. As much as I’ve struggled with their dynamic sometimes, they worked so great together this season.

I also really enjoyed Rigsy in this episode. I didn’t expect him to have a family of his own by now. He was sort of this innocent bystander who got mixed up in the Doctor’s business without really knowing why, but in the end his memorial for Clara was truly beautiful. I hope he won’t feel guilty though, I don’t think anyone could have stopped her really.


After the episode I ended up watching the saddest Doctor Who scenes on YouTube and continued to sob until I finally fell asleep. It showed to me that a lot of other departures were sadder than this one. Maybe it’s because her story isn’t actually all that over? She is supposed to appear again in the finale and I am hopeful that it will give me more closure. I know that many of you won’t miss Clara at all, but I will. I think she was an important companion, even if there were highs and lows with her. However, I am also looking forward to whoever will become companion next. Can everybody please just stop saying it’s Maisie Williams? Because that makes no sense whatsoever, especially not after Face the Raven. I am still no sure how I feel about her character on the show, but I just hope the new companion someone entirely new!

What’s your take on the episode? Did you like how Clara excited the show? Are you glad she is gone?

The 100 Season 2 Finale

Why do the shows that I like always have to end this quickly? Prepare for Spoilers for the very emotional Season 2 Finale of the 100 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part II”.

The 100 definitely didn’t hold back this Season and has developed into something much, much darker than before. The first Season was still laced with teenage angst, drama and heartache, but as soon as Mount Weather came into play, survival became even more serious than with the appearance of the Grounders. The character development of Clarke was ginormous as well and I am still not sure if I like all the changes. Nonetheless, I was very happy that this episode was mainly boiled down to the original “100” members (sorry Finn and Wells), without the ever-present Grounders or other adults interfering.

Before I go into detail about how the different storylines ended with “Blood Must Have Blood, Part II”, let’s recap what happened during the first part: Clarke’s alliance with the Grounders crumbled to pieces when Lexa struck a deal with the Mountain men to save her people, but leave the Sky people behind. In a way, I understood where Lexa came from, but it also meant the inevitable end of the very short-lived Clexa ship. While Clarke had to find a way to save her friends by herself now, Jaha discovered some drones and decided to follow them with a boat as big as a nutshell over an undeclared body of water. I think those are the main points, now here’s what happened in part II:

  • Clarke has definitely changed after being “forced” to kill Finn and other shows would have had her at her darkest hour after that, but not the 100. For her it just got worse. She let a bomb be dropped on Tondc which got several people killed, to prove to Cage that she meant business, she killed Dante in cold blood and finally she commited mass murder by letting radiation into Mount Weather. She did it all to protect her people, save them even, but recovering from that will take a long, long time.
    One of the best parts of the episode was the Bellarke reunion. I think it showed that Clarke didn’t have Bellamy’s council and made some bad decisions on the way. Now that they were a team again, Bellamy did his best to lift some of the heavy weight Clarke has to carry on her shoulders. Unfortunately he still couldn’t persuade her to stay as she decided to leave Camp Jaha at the end of the episode. They’ll meet again, but I hate how much the writers tend to torture those who ship them together.
  • Speaking of the mass murder in Mount Weather, it also meant the death of Maya. I wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, but then I really started to like her and she was super cute with Jasper. I don’t know how he’ll ever be able to forgive his friends for that, even if they meant well and saw her as a casualty.
  • Octavia has turned into such a bad-ass warrior the past episodes, she’s just majorly awesome! Sometimes I feel like she’s a little too harsh to Clarke, but I guess she’s just always been very impulsive. And then again, her speaking her mind is one of the characteristics that I always liked most about her. I am also happy that she and Lincoln are still going strong!
  • Abby and Raven’s experience during the last episode was especially cruel to watch. I never expected them to be tortured like that, but we’ll see how they’ll fare after that. They both have men (aka Kane and Wick) that care about them and will take care of them, which is good.
  • Another important revelation had to do with Murphy and Jaha. While Murphy discovered some Rapunzel-like tower that looked like a bachelor pad inside, Jaha found a nice mansion with someone actually living in there. Okay, “someone” might be an exaggeration, since she’s a hologram called A.L.I.E. (or Allie or Ellie, I took A.L.I.E. from Jason Rothenberg himself and I think it’s a smart play on words). She was super happy (and creepy) as she thanked Jaha for getting her a nuke. I felt really disconnected from Jaha’s story this Season, but it was a real WTF-moment with him and that hologram-lady, just like with Clarke last season, that will make Season 3 even more interesting.

I can’t wait for this show to continue. To bide the time, I’m reading the books the show is based on. As soon as I am all caught up on the books, I might do a comparison post on the two.

What were your thoughts about the finale?

The 100 Mid-Season Finale

I’m assuming that there are equally as many people who are very happy about the mid-season finale of the 100 as there are people who are utterly devastated. To be honest, I am still undecided. Beware of Spoilers for “Spacewalker” from now onwards!

So, the episode was pretty loaded. As we all know from the previous episode, the only way to achieve a truce with the Grounders is through handing over Finn, which would mean his certain death. Of course, Clarke is not about to let that happen, so the main focus of “Spacewalker” was on how they could possibly save him from that fatal demise. Here are my main impressions:

  • It was interesting to see how differently the “kids” and the adults dealt with the Finn-situation. While Clarke and her friends were determined to save him whatever the cost, most of the Ark-survivors were readily willing to kill him themselves in order to save their own skin. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a supporter of sacrificing one life for the good of many, but that situation looked more than dire. The camp was surrounded by Grounders and even with their superior weapons, there was no way the Ark-people could’ve fought them and win. Additionally, Finn clearly had issues with dealing with his guilt. Killing innocent people leaves its scars. So, that was definitely a tricky situation, with no easy answer available.
  • I guess it’s best to get it out of the way. Finn is dead! There is no way around that and I know that if you’ve seen the new promo, you might think otherwise, but it’s a trick. The writers confirmed that he left the show and considering that Clarke was the one killing him (out of mercy, after telling him she loved him too) it is obvious that that will have its consequences, especially on her state of mind. I was never a huge fan of Finn (Bellarke all the way!), but I wasn’t one of the people who said he needed to go, claiming he was dead weight for the story. In the end, I was really sad to see how it ended for him.
  • We thought we knew why Finn was imprisoned on the Ark, but we finally got all of his and Raven’s backstory through lovely flashbacks. Okay, I’m still not a huge fan of flashbacks, but they were actually really useful and helped the emotional build-up with Raven’s character.
  • I’m really glad Abby is chancellor and not Jaha, but ultimately I’d prefer it if one of the Hundred is in charge. They know the territory, the lifestyle and the Grounders better than any of the Ark-people and it’s frustrating that they don’t see that.
  • Kane has returned to the camp.
  • Lincoln seems to feel better, but also more bitter.
  • Not enough Bellamy! There can never be enough Bellamy! But there was some more fuel for the theory that Kane might be Bellamy’s (and Octavia’s) father. Who knows!
  • There was absolutely no mention of Mt. Weather and the people who are still there. I can’t wait to find out how that part of the story continues, because the mountain men freak me out. Their scientific torture is so creepy and I am really afraid for Monty and Jasper. Let’s just hope Clarke manages to free them soon.

So, that was it from the 100 for this year. They better not kill Raven next episode, because that would just be too many dead main characters in too short a time. What are your thoughts?

The 100 Season 2 Premiere

I don’t know how many of you actually remember the finale of Season 1 of the 100, but I know very well that I was shocked. How could they have left us like that? Now, finally, after months of waiting, we get some answers in the Season 2 premiere! As always, this review includes Spoilers!

We actually start back right where we ended last season. Clarke is in some sort of quarantine cell and if you guessed that she was taken by the people of Mount Weather, you were right. If you remember, Mt. Weather was the place the 100 were supposed to go to, right when they landed, but were prevented to get there by the Grounders. They were promised to find everything they need to survive there and now we know why – people who stayed behind/were left behind on Earth did manage to survive the radiation. Some, like the Grounders, could withstand radiation and therefore were able to live on the new surface, but others, like the people from Mt. Weather, weren’t as lucky and have to live a very secluded life in their shielded underground world. Now that that’s clarified, let’s get into the plot of the episode. We find our heroes and heroines very much separated all over the place – which I have to say, I don’t like. Didn’t like it in the first season, when they went on solo missions, don’t appreciate it now that they are not together. But I assume we will get there. Here’s a breakdown of who’s where and my general thoughts:

  • Octavia and Lincoln – they were on their way to the sea, when Octavia got hit by a poisoned arrow. She doesn’t want Lincoln to return to his old village (which is Washington DC?), because he would get killed for his treason, but Lincoln simply can’t watch his love die. After he assumed that she started hallucinating, he just grabbed her and by the end of the episode we are still unclear where he is and if he manages to get the antidote. But Octavia didn’t just imagine seeing a disfigured man, there really was someone there.
  • Finn was captured by a Grounder, who now wants to take him back to his tribe for questioning, but Bellamy isn’t far and tries to free Finn. Unfortunately, that backfires terribly and he gets captured as well and now they have to be rescued by Counselor (now Chancellor) Kane and Abby.
  • Raven and Murphy get stuck together, both being shot and close to dying. They too get saved by Kane and Abby, who were actually trying to find Clarke. Still no one knows where the rest of the people are, so Abby leaves a message for Clarke as to where she can find them – Camp Jaha. Also, Bellamy gets scolded for attacking Murphy, which he actually had a right to do, because Kane won’t allow them to behave like they did before. That’s going to cause so much drama, I can already see it.
  • Clarke gets released from her holding cell after she attacked a girl from the Mountain called Maya (Eve Harlow). President Dante seems to be dead set on integrating Clarke and to reunite her with her people (47 of whom are left, which makes a total of 48 with Clarke who are now in the mountain, which then again explains the title of the episode), but all Clarke wants, is to get out. She feels like a prisoner and there’s definitely something up with Dante and the place in general. I just find him really creepy, even if he did give her drawing materials and great food. Jasper and Monty certainly like it there and don’t appreciate Clarke’s attempts of running away. Especially Jasper seems to have taken a liking to Maya.
  • Last but not least, Jaha is still alive on the Ark, but he can’t communicate with the people on the ground. No idea what his storyline will be, but at the end of the episode we hear a baby crying on the Ark. Very strange if you ask me, but let’s see what that’s all about.

All in all, I liked the start of the season, but I am desperately hoping for a Bellarke reunion soon!  I always liked Clarke’s relationship with her people the most and although she has some of them around her, it’s just not right that she’s separated from Raven, Finn and Bellamy. What do you think?

X-Men: Days of Future Past and other related stuff

This movie reminded me of why I love the X-Men series so much. It doesn’t even really matter what the movie is about, as long as my favourite mutants in the universe appear, I am happy.

But let’s get a little more serious than my non-sensical rambling. X-Men: Days of Future Past starts out in the future, where Sentinels, extremely lethal robots, have killed almost all mutants and many humans. To prevent the creation of the Sentinels in the first place, Wolverine has to go back in time to prevent (with help from Professor X/Charles Xavier and Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr) that Raven/Mystique kills the obsessed scientist Trask portrayed by Peter Dinklage.

Despite my intentionally vague synopsis, the story was quite clear while watching the movie. The time travelling wasn’t at all confusing and in the particular setting, everything made sense. It might not have been the best storyline of all times, but as a true fan of the X-Men series I couldn’t help but love it. I mean come on, just think about all the actors and actresses that made an appearance! Peter Dinklage is always awesome! We got to see both, the young and the aged version of Magneto and the Professor. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender already did an amazing job in X-Men: First Class and didn’t look any less great next to the amazing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. I also enjoyed the short but fun appearance of Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver – especially the kitchen scene! But I intend to say more about the Quicksilver stuff later on.

In general you got to see almost everyone from the previous movies again and that was amazing! I’m just going to drop a few names now: Jean Grey, Cyclops, Hank McCoy/Beast, Havok, Storm and so on. The only thing I wondered about was, what happened to Rogue and Bobby after X-Men 3. Originally, Anna Paquin filmed a lot more scenes for the movie, but they all got cut in post-production. Now, I am left wondering, since I only saw Bobby (Shawn Ashmore) with Kitty (Ellen Page) and they clearly had something going on. I don’t know why that tiny little detail bothers me, but I guess I just always want full disclosure concerning the various relationship statuses.

So, I hope you could gather from the previous paragraphs that I enjoyed the movie very much, mostly because of all the great actors and actresses! Yet, there was one thing I didn’t understand. How come, people still don’t know that they have to stay until after the credits of a Marvel movie? I was the only person who stayed and therefore the only one who saw the little clip at the end (that I couldn’t put into context or understand in any way, but I am excited to find out in the next movies). So, hereby I have warned you and hope that you take the time and sit through the seemingly endless list of names!

Now, I mentioned before, that I had something else to say about Quicksilver. It is not so much about the character, but about Hollywood’s decision to cast every character we already know with somebody else. Look, I know that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is all popular right now (and I really like the guy!), but why did they have to cast him as Quicksilver for the new Avengers movie? And was it just coincidence that his current co-star from the Godzilla movie, Elizabeth Olsen, will be playing his sister. Also, I really liked Taylor Kitsch as Gambit and I know that Channing Tatum is also hyped right now, but seriously? I cannot imagine him as Gambit! What do you think about the recent casting choices? Do you think that was a good idea?

And what did you think about the movie? Was I not objective enough, because I could totally see that I wasn’t.

The 100

I am somewhat late talking about this show, but I just marathoned the first few episodes because I love it so much!

The 100 is a fairly new CW dystopian, science-fiction show. It is based on the “the Hundred” book series by Kass Morgan, which I am afraid I can’t tell you much about, because I haven’t read it. Had I known about the books beforehand, I might have taken a look into it, but now that I am so intrigued by the TV show, I don’t want to ruin it. So, in case you have read the book, I’d love to hear your opinion!

For everyone who has no idea what it’s about, here a little summary:

After the earth has been pretty much destoyed by nuclear warfare, humanity migrates into space and lives on an ark there. It takes them a whole of 97 years to send someone back on the planet, to check whether the surface of the planet is habitable again. But they don’t just send anyone, they send all the underage prisoners that live on the ark. And yes, there are a total of 100 prisoners.

From then on the story is divided into two main parts. One plays on the ark, where they are slowly but surely running out of air, the other one plays on earth, where a bunch of teenagers try to build a society and survive. I don’t want to give away much more than that, because otherwise it won’t be much fun to watch it.

So, now that the premise is clear, you’re probably wondering why I love it so much. That’s fairly easy to answer: the characters. There is barely anyone I am not completely fascinated by. While I will admit that the storyline on the ark bores me a little at times, I really enjoy watching the people on earth. Some of them are real criminals, others were imprisoned for no good reason and their backstories get revealed little by little. I personally love the relationship between Bellamy, the rebel leader, and his sister Octavia. But I enjoy watching Bellamy and Clarke, the moral compass of the group, even more (I’m already on team Bellarke!). But then there’s also the story with Finn and Raven and Jasper and Monty … I just like them all so very much! The cast is amazing and includes: Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulus, Thomas McDonell, Bob Morley, Eli Goree, Devon Bostick, Christopher Larkin, Lindsey Morgan, Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, Isaiah Washington, …

I have an idea of where the show is headed, but I am sure they will surprise me along the way. I definitely hope that this won’t be one of the shows that get cancelled after just one season!

Have you watched the show? What do you think about it? And if you’ve seen it, participate in the poll below and tell me which character you like the most!