New ABC Shows: Selfie & Forever

As TV’s fall season is about to start, you’re going to find tons of posts about the new shows – same on my blog. Today I want to take a closer look at ABC’s comedy Selfie and the drama Forever.


I’ve made it no secret that I am a huge fan of Karen Gillan (and not just because she was in Doctor Who – if you ever want to watch a funny Scottish romcom with her, you should check out Not Another Happy Ending!). Yet, when I found out about Selfie, I wasn’t instantly taken by the idea. It’s supposed to be a modern day My Fair Lady, but it’s no musical (although the pilot does feature some singing).

Eliza Dooley (played by Karen Gillan) is obsessed with being famous and liked, but soon has to find out that being friended and followed doesn’t actually mean you have friends. She then seeks the help of stiff Henry Higenbottom (John Cho) to become a better person. Other appearances include: Tim Peper, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Allyn Rachel, David Harewood, Amber Rose, Giacomo Gianniotti, Brian Huskey, Natasha Henstridge …

As I’ve mentioned above, I wasn’t that impressed with the trailer, but after watching the pilot episode I want to see more. There are a lot funnier series out there, but I think it at least deserves a chance. I’m not sure it’s going to work on the long run, but I’m going to give it a try and watch the upcoming episodes. The series starts airing Tuesdays beginning September 30.


We all know that living forever sucks, if you are the only person being immortal and can’t share your life with anyone. After 200 years on the planet, Doctor Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd)  is also very aware of that. Working as a medical examiner in a New York morgue, he tries to find out as much about death as possible to find a cure for his “condition”. But it turns out there is another person with the same ability, who wants to play a little game with Henry – casualties included.

I quite liked the pilot episode. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it reminds me of a show I know – like a mix between the Mentalist and Castle or something like that. It is definitely awkward and funny, but also has quite touching moments in the first episode. I think that (supernatural) crime shows usually work quite well on TV and the cast seems very likable as well. Forever is starring: Alana de la Garza, Lorraine Toussaint, Donnie Keshawarz, Joel David Moore, Judd Hirsch, … Airing starts September 23.

Are those two shows on your fall watchlist? If not, what other shows are?