What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #42

I have focused on only a few things to watch these past weeks since my last post, but I still wanted to share with you. It’s going to be a lot shorter than usually though!

A Million Little Things (Season 1-2)

TW: suicide, depression

I was caught off guard by just how much I loved this show. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, because the subject matter is really heavy and while I like that it talks about suicide and depression openly, I also know that it can be detrimental to the mental health of some to be confronted with that over a longer period of time.

What I adored most was that this was an adult friend group, who met as adults (cause not everyone keeps all their childhood friends) and that they really found a family in each other. Obviously, there are a lot points of conflict, but I like the way they handled most of them. There’s two characters that have easily become all time favourites (what’s up Gary and Katherine) and two that I think don’t deserve rights (go away Eddie and Delilah), but I just love being on a journey with all of them.

Filming for Season 3 is underway in Vancouver (although currently paused due to delays in the covid testing lab) and I am pumped for more episodes in November.

For fans of: found family drama, stuff that will make you cry, ensemble casts

Black Lightning (Season 2-3)

I just really played catch up on a lot of shows. Black Lightning is always such a refreshing superhero show to watch on the CW, because it is not so obviously tied to everything else in the Arrowverse (even if they did a crossover for Crisis on Infinite Earths or whatever it was called). Add to that the fact that it is a majority Black cast and I am happy for people to see themselves represented in that genre.

I had already watched half of Season 2, until a certain someone got their spine ripped out, and then it took me a long while to keep going. Season 3 felt a bit different than the previous ones, but I enjoy binging it on Netflix always (although my country always adds it pretty late, which is why I am always late). Still, Jenn and Khalil are mostly what I am here for? 

For fans of: CW superhero shows

Lucifer (Season 5)

I know how much everyone loves this show and I am so happy for them, but … I was not that invested this (first part of?) season 5. The thing is, I got bored with the whole Lucifer and Chloe thing and the other struggles felt very predictable as well. I guessed … everything and every plot twist (and I blame casting for a certain twist especially). On top of that, I wish they hadn’t shown the Michael dilemma in the trailer already, it would have been so much more fun to discover while watching the show.

Not saying it’s a bad show, but also not sad that it will end soon?

For fans of: celestial drama shenanigans paired with crime

Enola Holmes

This was way more fun than I expected it to be!

First of all, yes, I agree that Henry Cavill is slightly too handsome to be Sherlock. He also played the character very soft and emotionally aware and while I loved that … it didn’t feel as Sherlock as other iterations. But then, this is about Enola and her being a non-canon character in that universe and therefore Sherlock can also be his own version? Hope that made sense.

Anyway, I adored the 4th-wall-breaks of Millie as Enola. While watching, I kept comparing it to the 4th-wall-breaks of Fleabag and that makes all the more sense (despite them being such different genres and for different target groups), because the show and this movie had the same director.

It was fast paced and quick witted. The dynamics between the characters were golden and I would absolutely love to see them continuing to adapt the rest of the books with this cast. Also, very much enjoyed the parallels to current topics that made it feel relevant in many ways.

For fans of: teen non-canon Sherlock version with far more current topics than expected

Did you watch any of these as well? Let’s chat!

What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #32

Ever since lockdown started, I feel like I have been watching less and … it doesn’t make any sense? But I really haven’t been very motivated and since the wifi isn’t the best either, I think something about it just has me really turned off screens for a while. Also, I’ve been super busy with other things, but I still wonder whenever I am behind on so many shows (I haven’t even started Hollywood or Outer Banks yet … who am I?)

Our Girl (Season 4 Part 2)

I have talked about Our Girl plenty of times on this blog. (If you want a detailed post on, click here) I never quite know what to call their seasons? I was so sure this was season 5, but it looks like it was the second part of season 4? Either way, this was the final season of Michelle Keegan as Georgie Lane. I still remember how invested I was in Molly’s life and then Georgie came along and I was not impressed at all. Now, quite a couple tours later, I think I love Georgie more than I ever loved Molly and that says a lot.

Not all seasons were perfect (I am looking at you Season 4 part 1!), but this one really hit home. As one of the most emotional seasons yet, we lost some dear members of the platoon (every death on this show is impossible to get over) and finally saw Georgie deal with the aftermath of [Spoiler]’s assassination. I thought that was lacking on the last tour.

I personally didn’t mind that Captain James was very much absent on this second Afghanistan tour and enjoyed a lot of the new characters. Nico Mirallegro as Prof immediately has found his way into my heart. I will say, that it’s kind of ridiculous that there are AT LEAST two guys pining for Georgie every season, but the romance plots do help with the more heavy stuff on the show.

All in all, I thought this was a brilliant farewell. Georgie got the closure she deserved, found a way to move forward and I think any more on her life might ruin the picture we have of her now. I am going to miss her terribly, but I am sure that Tony Grounds will find another brilliant actress to continue the legacy of Our Girl, if he wishes to do so. There’s always stories to tell!

For fans of: female characters in the military, having no fear of getting too attached to people who might die

Never Have I Ever

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Mindy Kaling content. I know she’s not for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoy her stuff. Now, I’ve heard some people be really happy with the representation on this show and others not at all. I don’t think it’s my lane to comment on that, so I’m just not going to?

Just like other Mindy Kaling projects, I think this show is not for everyone either, but I had so much fun. It was over the top, but it was also incredibly touching. The show dealt with grief (how everyone processes it differently), identity and yes, sexuality. I laughed, I cried, I grieved with them. The way I see it, you just have to give it a try.

(also … #TeamBen … can’t get over the fact that he got an episode narrated by Andy Samberg)

For fans of: Mindy Kaling produced content, bold characters, grief plotlines

The Half of It

I was SO excited for this movie! I relish any content that doesn’t just focus on romance storylines (although nothing wrong with that, love a good romantic love story too), but also on familial and platonic and “whatever else lies in between”-love. I was also super excited that it would portray a queer Asian main character and that it was directed by a queer Asian woman (Alice Wu) – that kind of rep is rare to find. Still, I was not ready to love the movie as much as I did.

The Half of It is a quiet story. It’s not flashy and loud and full of way too big gestures, it’s calm and sweet and makes you think. Some of the shots were beyond gorgeous, the quotes between parts of the story were chosen perfectly and the motives in general incredibly beautiful. It’s about loving someone so much, you never want them to change and simultaneously having to accept that change. I know some people have quarrels with the end, but I don’t. It was one of my most favourite parts, because it was reminiscent of Ellie’s dad watching the scene in a movie where it said “this is the start of a beautiful friendship” and so it was.

For fans of: not all love stories have to be romances! (Yakult sponsored teen movies)

After Life (Season 2)

I never quite know what to say about this show. It’s not one I am immediately drawn to when it pops up in my Netflix queue, but it’s one I am always glad to have watched. It’s a very simple but effective premise that manages to reel you in easily. I WANT those people to be happy and get all the things they like, even if a lot of them are some real weirdos. I just want them to take care of each other. It was like that in season 1, it was like that in season 2 and it will likely be the same in season 3 (which Netflix has just asked Ricky Gervais to do!).

For fans of: British comedians in semi-serious roles, grief storylines

Friday Night Lights (all of it)

I just wanted to mention this show again, because I love it so very much. Last time I adored a sports related series like this, it was cancelled after a season (R.I.P. Pitch – forever missed, but now available on hulu, so please binge! I am serious, the show’s creator said we might get to do more if it performs well on the platform) and then I got to witness FIVE glorious seasons of Friday Night Lights. Please feel free to check out my full and detailed post here if you haven’t yet.

For fans of: sports dramas, Football, characters that are easy to root for, small town drama

That’s it! What have you been watching? I am really enjoying Council of Dads so far, but there’s literally only three episodes out yet. And each and every one of them will make you cry.

What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #29

It’s time to talk about all the things I watch again. Although I usually try and keep that list in check to not make it too long, I think I overdid it just a little bit. But, hope you enjoy the post nonetheless!


Please watch this show? I know we are all still mad that Netflix cancelled One Day at a Time and then did another show centered around a latinx family (but with more male characters), but it doesn’t change that the show is really great. America Ferrera executive produced Gentefied and even though they got a lot of offers from networks, they went with Netflix. It has to mean something.

Anyway, about the content of the show: I went into it expecting a bubbly and lively exploration of family life in LA, but I got so much more. I cannot even express how heartbreaking some episodes were and how they still remain at the back of my mind. Gentrification is a real issue, but sometimes not giving in isn’t really an option for the people involved. I adored how balanced the show was. How it didn’t shy away from showing consequences, but also the struggle people have to face on the daily from so many different angles. It’s absolutely a high recommendation from me!

For fans of: latinx content, family issues, gentrification in America

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Usually, I talk about shows that I have watched in their entirety (or at least the season), but Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist only has 3 episodes out so far. Still, I felt really compelled to talk about it, because rarely have I been hit with a pilot the way I have with this show.

Zoey doesn’t enjoy music (apparently people like that exist?), but after an earthquake, it suddenly follows her everywhere she goes. Zoey could now hear people’s innermost thoughts in the shape of songs, so, if you aren’t into random bursts of musical numbers, this show is not for you! What seems like a trivial plot point that will cause more hilarity than anything else, I was really surprised by how emotional I got. There is so much depth balanced with the humour of the show and it’s so enjoyable to watch. I just hope they go easy on possible cheating plotlines, but other than that, I am really all for it for now.

For fans of: music in shows, humour balanced with deeper issues

I Am Not Okay With This

I have a love-hate-relationship with Netflix making more and more shows that are about 6-8 episodes of just 20-minute-content. On the one hand, I enjoy the fast pace that the short format brings, but on the other hand, the lack of episodes makes it feel like a prequel or like we always have to stop when things just get started. It’s different to Ragnarok (which also only had 8 episodes), because at least their episodes were 45 minutes long, but it has the same vibe of origin story that is only just beginning. It doesn’t help that we have had our fair share of white girls with telekinetic abilities in recent years either …

While I feel a bit lukewarm about the show as a whole, there are some aspects I would like to praise about it. For one, I am glad to see a show let young girls be angry. Obviously there is some underlying reason behind the high-boiling emotions, but I am still happy that it was part of the plot. I also liked how the coming of age and sexual exploration side of it was handled. I think a lot of people guessed it from the trailer, so I am not going to go into more detail. Lastly, Stanley Barber is a treasure and I want him protected at all costs.

For fans of: the kids from IT, ambiguous styles that won’t let you guess the decade of the setting, Stranger Things but more now?

Living With Yourself

I like Paul Rudd. Is there really anyone out there who doesn’t? I also like Aisling Bea, because I am obsessed with British panel shows. So, in my mind, this show was really made for me, but somehow we didn’t click?

It’s hard for me to put the finger on what exactly didn’t work for me. It always hinges between comedy and drama, but fits neither category very well. Everyone believes the whole clone-thing far too easily (I am not talking about the actual clones, but more like his wife and such?) and I would maybe try to befriend my clone rather than make them my enemy? I think I was just waiting for Miles to have this moment of enlightenment where he would finally see where he went wrong and what made him so unhappy, but he remains miserable all throughout. Maybe that’s what bugged me so much?

For fans of: short clone stories, Paul Rudd

Peaky Blinders (Season 5)

I love this show, I really do with all my heart. The broken man that is Thomas Shelby is one of my all time favourite characters in all of TV history and he will likely never leave that list. I can’t say that season 5 was my favourite season, but it had a great new villain in Sam Claflin (who made it easy to love to hate him) and a particularly beautiful episode involving the ballet Swan Lake.

Watching Tommy’s state of mind deteriorate is painful. The flashbacks to Grace were unexpected and painful, because I apparently really overestimated how much he had dealt with her death at this point in time. The end of the season was practically torture and I hope they are already working on the next season as you read this. We deserve more, but it will also be the most brutal with an inevitable Shelby civil war at hand.

For fans of: the Peaky fucking Blinders!!!

Jumanji: The Next Level

I liked the reboot of Jumanji. I wouldn’t necessarily compare it to the original, but it was fun to watch and that’s basically all I need/want from a movie like this. It took itself a whole lot less seriously and was all the better for it. Now, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous about a sequel to the reboot. Could they really recreate that funny magic with the switched bodies? The answer is yes and no. 

There were still plenty of laughs in Jumanji: The Next Level, but far less so than the last time. I would even go so far to say that it dragged on in certain parts. I still enjoyed the displacement they all felt with their new bodies, but the running gag with the grandpas got old pretty quick. Still enjoyable, but definitely not necessary to drag this on forever.

For fans of: the cast involved, easy and effortless humour

Isi & Ossi

The trailer looks so dumb and so low, but after watching the movie, my Twitter account briefly seemed like an Isi & Ossi stan account and I have no regrets. Do you enjoy the rich girl meets working class boy trope? Do you like fake dating stories? What about two worlds colliding? I like all of these things in my romances and so much so that I can even overlook super crass and borderline humour. The fact that this movie starred Dark’s Lisa Vicari and Traumfabrik’s Dennis Mojen was just a huge plus in my book. I will always and forever support German Netflix content that isn’t crime related. ALWAYS!

For fans of: German Netflix content, Dennis Mojen and Lisa Vicari

That’s it for this time. Have you watched some of these shows or movies? Do you want to? Let’s chat!

What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #15

Ever since the last post of this kind, I have watched so many shows and films that I could probably fill three posts in total. However, I do want to keep it short and will just mention the things I remember or have something to say about.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

I am really digging the German Netflix content lately. Ever since this show premiered, basically all my social media was full of praise for it and even though I didn’t initially plan on watching it, it really is that good. It has a fun way of telling the story, mostly fresh faces in terms of casting and is super fast-paced with a promise of more to come. In addition to all of that, the show is just genuinely funny. Definite recommendation from me.

For fans of: short format storytelling, unconventional visualisation, international Netflix content, crime and drug story without the focus on gore

3% (Season 3)

I am disappointed in this season. First of all, one of the actors apparently just didn’t want to be in it anymore, so they wrote him off in the most stupid way. Secondly, where is the tension and finesse of the previous seasons? There used to be a cunning subtlety to this story, but now it’s more like “let’s hit the audience on the head with all this obvious nonsense”. I swear, one day my enemies to lovers OTP Michele and Rafael will happen, but other than that 3% really needs to get their shit together.

For fans of: dystopian stories, desert settings, too many wannabe saviours, characters that think they are SO smart but make stupid mistakes all the time

Black Mirror (Season 5)

Another disappointment on my end. I was excited for this season and I even watched all the episodes (sometimes I don’t … don’t judge me!), but somehow it didn’t sit right with me. The technological aspect wasn’t as present or innovative as in previous seasons and none of the stories were particularly shocking or eye-opening. If I had to rank them, I’d probably go just straight from episode 1 to 3 with best to worst. Striking Vipers was alright, Smithereens was basically just a story from now (no real technological advancement necessary) and I did not like the Ashley Too one at all. I am not saying it was terrible, but I have been better entertained before.

For fans of: Black Mirror in general, certain cast members in the different episodes

Dark Phoenix

Ugh … I tried. Look, I love this franchise to bits. I was on board with the new casting and going back in time and erasing X-Men 1-3 from ever happening, because why not? But if this is how it all ends, it was not worth it. First of all, in three decades, no one aged! Let’s be crystal clear here by saying that X-Men First Class took place in the late 60s and Dark Phoenix in the 90s. It does not show at all. Then they had my wonderful darling and comic relief Quicksilver AND THEY DON’T USE HIM AT ALL. I don’t get it. Why is the character of Quicksilver always done dirty? (Because Marvel was not any better) The villains of the movie don’t make any sense. I am not even sure we are told what they are called. We don’t know what really happened to them, what their motivation is and you know, basic background information that would make you care for them is simply missing. Lastly, I am like 90% sure that the final shot of The Last Stand was pretty darn similar to the final shot of this movie and why did we even do all of that?

For fans of: X-Men franchise people who need closure

Men in Black: International

I had fun, alright!? I know it’s not the best movie in the Men in Black universe (that will always be the first movie in my heart), but I had a good time watching it. MIB: International is basically an AU version of Valkyrie and Thor where they are the humans instead of the aliens. So, if you enjoy watching Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth play off each other with a bit of scene-stealing Kumail Nanjiani sprinkled in, this movie isn’t such a bad choice. As for the story, it was pretty predictable and didn’t bring anything new to the table, but I can live with that. Sometimes a movie doesn’t have to be the best out there, it just needs to be a little escape for the right now.

For fans of: Tessa/Chris dynamic and Kumail Nanjiani humour

I have also attended the TV Series Festival in Berlin and went to a couple screenings. I do want to write a separate post about those shows though, as to not make this one unnecessarily long. Did you watch anything I mentioned here? Let’s chat!

What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #10

I feel like I have been very busy with work but also social activities in my free time lately, so I have no clue when I watched all of these shows, but they were enough to warrant another What I’ve Been Binge-Watching post … so, yeah, here you go!

Schitt’s Creek (Season 5)

I have talked about this show in detail, so if you want to check that out, you can click here. But honestly, I didn’t think Schitt’s Creek could get any better, but it still amazes me with every season. I am not someone who can easily stick with sitcoms, but this one just works on so many levels for so many generations. It’s not for nothing that I actually own a pillow with the magnificent pansexual icon we all need but don’t deserve that is David Rose on it.

I am willing to go so far as to say that this might have been my favourite David season so far. But the entire family just keeps on growing and making me love them so much, I ended up crying a couple times. This is their penultimate season, they did get renewed for season 6 but said on their own accord that it would be the finale. It both pains me and makes me so very proud that they get to end the story on their own terms. It’s what they worked for and I love them so much for everything they have given us.

Seriously, if you haven’t ever watched the show, you are missing out!


I love highlighting Netflix’ international content, because they are opening doors for so many people with these productions. Osmosis is a really interesting scifi story, even if it isn’t entirely revolutionary. It feels like it’s a French version of a very long Black Mirror episode and how technology always has its advantages and downfalls. For me personally, it could have focused on the romance a whole lot more. I quite liked some of the base concepts of the show, but ultimately it didn’t completely capture me the way I had hoped it would, meaning there was a problem with the execution in the end.

My overall opinion on it is that it was a nice distraction with potential for more, should Netflix be willing to throw more money at them, but it’s not something I would bet on.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 2)

I was very hesitant on whether I should continue with this show or not. I hope by now you all know that I am NOT a fan of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and please don’t try to convert me. The first season or part or whatever they want to call it was ridiculous in my eyes. I did not like 80% of the characters (Prudence, Ambrose and Nick being their only saving grace) and as soon as we got to cannibalism, I was out. However, the promise of a dark Sabrina intrigued me (obviously, I didn’t get her) and I continued watching.

In the end, I liked this season better than the first one. I imagine it has a lot to do with the fact that the humans were in it less. The way they are always so righteous just makes annoyed at them and I say that not agreeing with that depiction of the Church of Night and some moral stuff (again, what is with the cannibalism?) happening at all. Anyway, my point here is that I liked it a little better, but I am still not fully on board. At least they cooled down on the blurry edges, which is also a good thing.

They already got renewed for Part 3 and 4 anyway, so what does it matter if my viewing numbers play into the equation?

*remains thoroughly Team Nick if there have to be teams*

Turn Up Charlie

Idris Elba, who is a DJ in real life, playing a struggling DJ in a fun TV show is my jam. Also, I haven’t seen Piper Perabo and JJ Feild in what feels like forever, so I enjoyed this massively. It was super British, light, fun and way too short. I don’t know what all to say, except that this had so much more heart than I expected it and really played on the notions of what makes a family and friendships work. It gets a big thumbs up from me and I truly hope we get to see a little more in the near future!

Have you watched or are you currently watching any of these shows? Do you want to talk about them? I am available!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Summer Finale

I can’t believe how quickly this first part of Season 5 (which is split just like Season 3 was) of Teen Wolf has gone by. This review definitely contains Spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the Summer Finale yet, beware!!

So, WOW! I mean the season already started with a bang, but I did not expect it to be so … dreadful. (See what I did there? Dreadful – Dread Doctors? No? Okay, I’ll stop …) This season was definitely cool, edgy and a lot darker than the previous ones, but I am not sure I how I feel about it. The pack always had obstacles to overcome, but this, it’s just looking bleak now. During the entire season, there was barely any beacon of hope visible (except for cute puppy love scenes between Hayden and Liam), everything was just doom and gloom and I think that sort of dragged me down.

Also, I had a hard time seeing any character development for the better here, because let’s face it, everything pretty much fell apart. Let’s recap what happened and where we are right now with the different storylines:

  • So, Theo is evil. That was kind of predictable. Turns out he is a chimera of some sort and one of the first experiments of the Dread Doctors to succeed. He wanted Scott’s pack for himself, but in the end he revived all the “failed” experiments and made them his pack. Only good thing about that in my opinion is that there’s now a chance for Layden to happen again.
  • Scott really messed it up. Stiles is one of the most important people in his life and he didn’t listen when he expressed his distrust of Theo and even more shockingly he believed Theo when he told his pretty little lie (couldn’t resist, sorry …) about how Stiles killed Donovan. Man, you should have trusted Stiles! Also, he knew that something was going on with Kira and ignored it instead of tackling the problem. Now she’s gone …
    Now that he lost the pack, the fight against Theo and almost his life. I don’t know where he stands. He has a lot of fixing to do.
  • We all knew Liam had anger issues, but it broke my heart to see him fight with Scott that much. I understand where he’s coming from, but he will have a hard time forgiving himself for not being there for Hayden during her last moments.
  • Marrish was kind of cute throughout the Season and we FINALLY know what Parrish is: a hellhound. I don’t know what exactly that entails, but it’s cool that we can put a label on it now. And Lydia? She trained with Parrish, but she still needs to work on those badass Banshee-moves. I don’t know where she’s at right now – hanging on to her life I guess and being out of her mind after what Theo did to her.
  • Malia and Stiles are growing apart as they continue to keep secrets from each other. (Theo hitting on Malia, sometimes even naked, doesn’t help either I guess) Also, we ended up meeting the desert wolf and she’s out to kill Malia. Why? We’ll hopefully find out in 5B.
  • Void Stiles – who came up with that???? I don’t fully understand that to be honest, but it’s cool that he’s not seen as the disposable one of the pack. He cannot loose his father though! Absolutely not!
  • Roscoe the jeep got way too much screen time …
  • The episode ends with the Dread Doctors revealing a fresco behind a wall. Jeff Davis said the attentive viewer will get behind it’s significance, but I have no clue.

So, basically Teen Wolf once again gave us no closure whatsoever and left us with a ton of questions to wait 5 months (yes, you’ve heard that right) until Season 5B starts airing. What can we expect to come? Apparently a lot of the questions will be solved while other mysteries will get carried over. Fixing relationships will be a big part of 5B’s theme, seen as almost everyone is broken up right now. Since the timeline is pretty condensed, we will not see the pack graduate – we are not that far apparently. From what I hear it’s still uncertain how the show continues after that. Season 6 could be it, or maybe Tyler Posey‘s character Scott will move into more of a Derek Hale position, while Liam takes over as the new Scott. All is possible!

What were your thoughts on Teen Wolf Season 5A? Did you enjoy it?

Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere

Teen Wolf never ceases to get met excited and that was one heck of a Season 5 Premiere! I’ve already watched the first two episodes and they were truly great. I’ll make sure to separate my review in case you haven’t watched both, but beware of Spoilers nonetheless!

Again, Teen Wolf somehow manages to strike a great balance between dark and gritting stuff, hilarious moments and touching scenes. The Season premiere proved that as our friends in Beacon Hills prepared for their Senior Year at High School.

Episode 1 “Creatures of the Night”:

I was a bit confused when the episode started. Where is Lydia? Why is she catatonic? How could her friends let that happen to her? etc. My mind just swarming with the questions, until I realised that this season will pretty much show us how she got there and what happened to the pack. Whatever happened, it definitely wasn’t good judging from Lydia’s memory (Scott’s mom slapping Sheriff Stilinski, Kira leaving Scott behind, Stiles in a car accident, Parrish in a(nother) fire and Malia’s seemingly bad first meeting with her mother).

However, the rest of the episode was great. The main focus is on everyone adjusting to the anxious mess that is Senior Year. Malia passed the last year just like everyone else (however that is possible, I don’t know) and Stiles frets about loosing his friends, but especially Scott. If it were up to him no one would be left behind, not even his unreliable Jeep. An especially touching moment occurs when they all sign their initials on a school library shelf and Scott adds AA for Allison Argent. I do still miss her …

Sheriff Stilinski also tried to keep Parrish out of harm’s way, but coincidentally sent him exactly to the location our new villain appears. We still don’t know what Parrish is (#WhatIsParrish is still alive …), but he is not a werewolf and he can regenerate. A lot of people are suggesting he’s a Phoenix, but I’m not so sure. I guess we’ll find out this season as well. Actually, the villain of the episode is not the villain of the season, those are some creepy “Doctors” associated with ravens. Wasn’t there a point where someone talked about the fox, the raven and so on? Also, something I don’t know much about it seems!

Another addition to the cast is Pretty Little Liars star Cody Christian as Theo, a former friend of Scott and Stiles, who’s also a werewolf. (More about him in my thoughts about Episode 2)

Kira’s mom mentioned something about the “Wild Hunt” and I just had to think of Cassandra Clare‘s The Mortal Instruments and how those are ruthless killer faeries. It probably (or certainly) has nothing to do with that, but my mind is clogged with BTS material of the Shadowhunter series shoot.

All in all a bit of a confusing but very good start of the season!

Episode 2 “Parasomnia”: 

I want to keep this rather short, so here the main bullet points of what I thought:

  • I trust Stiles when he dislikes someone, because he mostly has a good reason. Yet, he looked so nice even I thought Theo couldn’t be that bad a person … guess I was wrong. The end of that episode was seriously messed up/weird. Who is that guy really?
  • Okay, I just have to say it, the Marrish (aka Parrish and Lydia) scenes were adorable. I could so see them becoming a couple in the future.
  • Scott apparently takes becoming a veterinarian very seriously and (to everyone’s surprise) even takes AP Biology. Good for him!
  • I’m so glad Liam’s best friend finally knows what’s going on! I really like Liam’s character and am sure him getting control over the change as well as the girl he’s apparently wronged in the past will be a huge part of the plot this season!
  • The exchange between Scott and Stiles was the best! Those are some real friendship goals!

So, that’s it for today! If you want to discuss, I am all for it in the comments!

Shameless Season 5 Premiere

The Gallaghers are back for their 5th Season of Shameless! I cannot tell you how happy I am to see their story continued, since Season 4 didn’t exactly end on a happy note. Beware of Spoilers ahead and let’s dive right into it with a little recap of what’s been going on so far!

So, it’s summer, which is always a nice season for the show in my opinion, and everybody looks even more grown up (Just look at some of the younger kids!). But drama isn’t far when it comes to Gallaghers. Here’s my little break-down of the premiere episode of Season 5:

  • While Frank seems to tone down his drinking a little bit with only one beer per day, he in no way intends to just accept it. Instead he brews his own beer, which seems disgusting and leads to him passing out and waking up naked. Typical Frank.
  • Carl busted his ankle and is just the usual little delinquent he’s always been.
  • Debbie is moody, helps Frank for money and is mad because her friends don’t talk to her anymore. Basically, she’s a teenager.
  • Liam is as cute as ever!
  • Sammi and Sheila continue their little feud, while Sammi just wants her father’s attention. But Frank, of course, cares very little for that.
  • Kev and V are stressed out because of the babies; especially V, because Kev is just so much better with the twins than she is. I think that was always obvious though, because we really saw his fatherly qualities with Ethel.
  • Fiona seems to thoroughly enjoy her new job, maybe because she’s totally falling for her boss, Sean. He was originally portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whom I love, but got exchanged with Dermot Mulroney now. I don’t have anything against Mulroney per se because he’s doing his job really well, but I was definitely looking forward to seeing Morgan in one of my favourite shows. Guess you can’t have it all …
  • Lip is back from college and … not happy? I think he got used to a certain standard of life and the whole “relationship” with Amanda might actually be more serious than he’d like to admit. So his old life surely doesn’t seem that appealing anymore. Or is it that he feels guilty about leading a better life? I don’t know, but he has to lie about the watch he got from Amanda and that’s just kind of sad. While I like that Amanda can keep up with Lip (he definitely needs someone like that), I don’t really see them together as end game. I’m looking forward to what this season has in store for them. Will Mandy make a comeback?
  • Ian, Mickey, the baby and even Svetlana are this really cute little family. Ian definitely feels better now, but I hate how they are all in denial about his condition. Manic depression is serious and I understand why they don’t want to accept that Ian might be bipolar, but he should go see a doctor. Svetlana apparently works as a surrogate now, Mickey is a con man and Ian takes care of the kid. Somehow that seems to work quite well, except … Ian is cheating on Mickey and it’s breaking my heart. The insane chemistry that is Gallavich is the best part of the show, it’s definitely my favourite one, and I can’t watch it crumble to pieces.
  • At the end of last season we saw that Jimmy/Steve is back. While he didn’t actually appear in the premiere episode, his mysterious lady friend (called Angela and portrayed by the ever so amazing Dichen Lachman – seriously she’s amazing! Check out Lust for Love, Dollhouse and the 100 to convince yourself!) is always sitting in Fiona’s section at the diner, asking her all sorts of questions and leaving $100 as a tip. I wonder what’s up with that? Did Jimmy get rich while he was gone?

So, there’s already a lot going on in this first episode, but I still can’t wait for more. What do you think will happen?

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2014

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a bit of Downton Abbey. As always a lot happens when it comes to the family and staff residing at Downton. Spoilers ahead!

Downton Abbey - ITV

No different than in any other episode of Downton Abbey, I am clueless as to where to start especially since this one was two hours long. So much happened and very little actually had to do with Christmas, but let’s get started:

  • Anna is in prison now and it doesn’t look too good for her. Bates of course can’t watch her getting convicted, so he signs a confession and flees to Ireland until they’re both proven innocent. Those two seriously never get a break. Anna can’t enjoy being back at Downton without her love, but then gets surprised by Bates at Christmas, after Molesley can prove that he wasn’t in London during the time of the murder. Now, I hope that Anna doesn’t get imprisoned again, but I also still wonder who actually did it.
  • Andy the footman who helped out in London now works at Downton.
  • Everyone in the family (except for Mary) knows that Marygold is Edith‘s daughter. I’m so happy for her and you can visibly see that a heavy weight was lifted from her shoulders when Lord Grantham “forgave” her. Their might even have been a new love interest for her in form of the agent from York, but I am not sure.
  • Speaking of love interest! Lady Mary has a new one in with the name of Henry Talbot (portrayed by the very handsome and dashing Matthew Goode). I very much approve, in fact I am jealous! She always gets the best love interests and that even though she’s still extremely mean to Edith, who’s been a lot nicer and a good person in general the past seasons.
  • The feud between Spratt and Ms Denkers is hilarious!
  • I am so glad that Rose and Atticus are still happy! Those two are lovely and they deserve it! Even Lord Sinderby now approves of Rose, even though I sincerely hope that it doesn’t blow up in her face one day that she helped him cover up an illegitimate child. Atticus surely won’t be too joyous when he finds out. But maybe he never will since he’s probably moving to New York with Rose sometime soon.
  • Barrow was once again at his best while scheming against the Butler at York. You definitely don’t want to mess with him!
  • The old Lady Grantham helped Princess Kuragin to come to Britain and therefore declined Prince Kuragin. While she still liked getting the proposition at her age, she just couldn’t go with it. We finally get the whole story between her and the Prince and that is great.
  • While I am sure that Doctor Clarkson isn’t too unhappy, I feel sorry for Lord Merton because Isobel keeps refusing him. She doesn’t want to have to deal with his disapproving sons, but I think that really shouldn’t be her main concern if Merton makes her happy.
  • It finally happened! I thought it never would and it was the sweetest moment ever! Carson asked Mrs Hughes to marry him! They are simply perfect for each other!
  • There was a slight scare that Lord Grantham might be sick and everyone was really concerned about it, but he just has to follow a strict diet and should feel better in no time. It’s a relief, because he really is a main component of this show!
  • Tom … my beloved Branson. It seems the time has come and he is actually leaving. It’s not like I don’t want him to succeed on his own, but I’ll terribly miss him, like everyone from the family will too. The most emotional moment from the episode was for me when he was in the childrens’ room and wanted to take a mental picture of everything. Edith and Mary joined him, they held hands and thought of Sybil. They were the ones supposed to grow old with her! While everyone did say their goodbyes to him, I won’t actually believe that he’s gone until he’s not at Downton anymore.

What were your thoughts about the Christmas Special? Did I miss an integral part?

Downton Abbey Season 5 Finale

Another show that tortures me with it’s departure until Christmas, but I’ll make this short and painless. This is the recap of Downton Abbey‘s Season 5 finaleSpoilers ahead!

Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 8, finale

The main topic of this episode was Rose’s wedding, the unveiling of the mysterious murder of Mr Green and as always a fair amount of side plots to be told. Here the storylines in more detail:

  • Rose and Atticus certainly don’t have it easy after their engagement, but they seem determined to manage everything together, which is just great. Atticus father and Rose’s mother are against the wedding, but young love prevails and they do get married after fighting over some intrigue, where photos of Atticus with a woman were sent to Rose. Let’s just hope they manage everything that is to come with such grace as they managed their first hiccup.
  • Edith, my dear Edith … she could barely part from Marigold, who finally lives at Downton. This made Lord Grantham very suspicious and he finally guessed that Marigold is actually Edith’s daughter. He reacted much more collected than everyone would have expected and promised Cora to keep it a secret for now.
  • There is a new footman called Andy/Andrew. He instantly gets played by Lady Grantham’s housekeeper Ms Denkers, but ultimately gets saved by Thomas. Mr Barrow is always good for a surprise when it comes to young men who need rescuing.
  • Daisy considered leaving Downton to educate herself in London, but finally gave up on the idea after seeing how much it would pain Mrs Patmore to lose her.
  • Mrs Patmore‘s nephew finally gets the recognition he deserves for his sacrifice during the war due to the help of Lord Grantham.
  • Prince Kuragin wants to spend the rest of his life with Lady Grantham, but she hesitates because it would be a very improper affair.
  • Isobel is still uncertain as to what she is supposed to do because of Lord Merton.
  • Mary faced Tony and his fiance and wonders if everyone is leaving her behind.
  • Anna got arrested for the murder of Mr Green. I somehow saw this coming, but sweet kind Anna – is she really capable of such a thing? I certainly don’t hope so! Why can’t she just be happy with Bates? They would so deserve it!
  • Last but not least, it seems my beloved Tom really wants to leave Downton for good. He makes plans to go to America after Christmas. I still have the hope that he changes his mind and that the Christmas Special won’t be his last episode. Edith, Mary and the rest of the family would certainly miss him!

That’s it! I cannot wait for the Christmas Special as I will be in extreme Downton withdrawal until then. Do tell me your thoughts and feelings about the episode below! I certainly don’t feel like it’s already over.