September 2020 Wrap-Up

So, the dreaded block editor has caught up with me. I have no idea if this post will work the way I want it to at all, but I am going to try my best? To everyone’s surprise, including my own, I actually have a lot to show for this first section of the monthly wrap-up. I always use it to talk about the books I have read and I have finished a total of SIX this last month. It’s certainly one of the higher outcomes this year!

Teen Titans: Raven Teen Titans: Beast Boy Dear Justyce (Dear Martin, #2) A Deadly Education (Scholomance, #1) Watch Over Me The Black Veins

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This month passed by rather quickly. I don’t even remember what I did for most of it. However, one of the highlights for me was the show Julie and the Phantoms. I did not expect to like it as much as I did, but it’s really so wholesome and sweet and the songs are real bops. If you want to check out the art I did for the show, you can always do so on my art instagram account (SO close to 400 followers there!).

I don’t know what else to tell you. I did continue with my MasterClass subscription after finishing the Natalie Portman acting class with the Shonda Rhimes class on writing for television. I got super interesting insights on Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, but also realised that Shonda works in specific ways that might not work for me. However, she did get me inspired to work on a novel with an actual outline and let me tell you, that’s rare! It could be beneficial for the upcoming NaNoWriMo though.





I hope you all had a lovely September and are ready for the Spooktober season! I, for one, am glad that it’s a little more chilly outside and I get to wear layers again.

September 2019 Wrap-Up

I wish I had all the exciting stuff to share with you in this monthly wrap-up, but the truth of things is that I was just really busy with work. Don’t get me wrong, my work is cool and exciting, but it also takes up a lot of time and energy, so there’s just no reading or watching updates that are worth of sharing I feel like. Instead, I thought I’d give you the tiniest glimpse into my work life this time around? Hope that’s okay …

We had some super fun events for the new Shaun the Sheep movie – Farmageddon, where I got to meet one of the actual model makers of the Shaun the Sheep figures and then helped him teach little kids and blogger mums how to make their own clay Shauns and Lu-Las (his new alien friend). The kids really seemed to like the movie (what a relief!) and then there’s also a couple of awesome sci-fi references to discover for the adults.

Then there was this whole premiere marathon for a beautiful but sad German romance movie. I traveled from Berlin to Cologne to Munich and back in the span of only a few days, but I think it went fairly well too! The actual movie release is only this upcoming week, but since the film is based on a popular book series (the Danny trilogy by Jessica Koch) here’s to hoping that the bookish community will enjoy it.

So, I hope that gives you an idea of why I have been so consistently absent on the blog. This is, however, my last month at my current workplace and new adventures await after that. We will see what that will exactly look like, but I have a feeling there might be a little break in store for me. I adore all the support and encouragement from everyone around me though and am sure I will find something great soon! I am a workaholic after all …


Someone who shares my ambitious mindset (to the absolute extreme) is Payton from Netflix’ new show The Politician. I didn’t expect to love that show at all, but it won me over so quickly. I have been told that it is very on brand for me to like it though, and I am not sure what that says about me exactly, but I am so looking forward to all the seasons of this, which I am sure it will get.

I am especially obsessed with the intro to the show. Can’t even remember the last time that happened, because themes have gotten so boring for a lot of shows these days.

I have also finally battled my inner die hard Charmed fan and started watching the first season of the reboot. I have some choice words to say about it, like they put 3 seasons of plot into 20 episodes alone and that was rushed and unnecessary. Also, they are trying to be so desperately current that I doubt this show will age well, but in the end it all lead to me really enjoying it regardless. I guess I am really too much into witchy content not to appreciate it. Mostly you can thank Rupert Evans and the fact that the show features a 28-year-old virgin like it’s no big deal for my change of heart.




I hope you had a good September and are looking forward to October/Halloween! I have already sorted my costume and usually I am never that early with anything. If you want to chat about last month, just let me know!

September 2018 Wrap-Up

My first month in Berlin is over and we will see if this is going to be a super short or very rambly post about all the things that have happened since I got here. First off, let’s start with the books I’ve read. Even if it’s only two, that is a 200% improvement from last month, so I am quite happy with that accomplishment. I still might lower my Goodreads goal, just because I’d like for it to actually be achievable, but here’s what I read in September for now:

Parsnips, Buttered: How to win at modern life, one email at a time  The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, #1)

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Where do I even start to tell you what all happened this month? My new job started in a sort of frenzy as we were preparing for the world premiere of Michael Bully Herbig’s new movie “Ballon” (watch the trailer here – it’s in German though). His name might not mean much to you, but the German speaking folks will know that he is one of the most successful directors and actors in the country. His movies are ranked among the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time in Germany, just that he usually does comedies and this is his first thriller based on real events none the less. You can see how that is all mighty exciting!

Seeing all of this unfold, getting to meet the actors and being part of publicity stunts and ultimately watching the movie in a theater with all kinds of celebrities (Tokio Hotel of all people was there!?) was so much fun! And I was really impressed by it, because you could basically cut the tension in the room – the suspense was real! It’s not that I haven’t done these kind of things before, but just like Germany has about ten times as many people as Austria, it also has events and premieres on a much bigger scale. 

My boss was also kind enough to take me with her to the First Steps Awards, which felt like a really exclusive and great event. It celebrated new talents in the film industry, and not just actors and actresses, but everything from camera, writers and directors to producers. Shopping for it was a tiny bit of a nightmare, because I at least wanted to look semi-fancy and my size seems to be not-available in most stores, but in the end I saw so many people I have admired for a long time. I don’t feel like I could have experienced anything like it back in Vienna. 

Overall, my mind is quite occupied with work. I am one of those people who eats, breaths and dreams about work (the latter leading to some really weird stuff as some of my close friends will know). Deep inside, I know that I need a healthier work-life-balance. That my life shouldn’t be all about the job, but meeting new people and making new friends. I like Berlin and I feel like the streets I am walking on are slowly becoming a part of me, but I haven’t really found my people yet. It takes time and maybe I am not taking the necessary measures (aside from that one time I totally got friend-rejected) to really be pro-active and be in the world. But I am not going to lie, I really enjoy just sleeping the days away on the weekend.


My favourite thing this month was to just watch a whole lot of German movies. In my mind, I always thought that I was meant to work in more of an English-language kind of industry, but being where I am right now, I can honestly say that I like German movies. I know a lot of the names and faces. There is a real difference to Austrian ones in tone and vibe and, as mentioned before, scale. I don’t know how interested you’d be in reading a post about that one day, but I could talk about all the good and bad ones I’ve watched lately? I just have no clue how many of them would be available with subtitles or such …


I am ashamed to say that I haven’t read any posts, except for the ones I was tagged in. I haven’t been on the laptop much and the first couple of weeks, I didn’t even have internet in my own room, but I am really trying to get back into it and engage more again. So, to help me with that, leave the link to one (or more) of your favourite posts by yourself and bloggers you like in the comments! I will try my best to check them all out! I also promise to check my spam comments more often, just to make sure none of you accidentally end up there.




That’s all from me for now! I hope you enjoyed this very rambly summary of my month. What have you been up to? Let’s chat in the comments below!

September 2017 Wrap-Up

So … uhm … I haven’t read a single book during this month. I tried, believe me I did, but as of right now, my brain just won’t compute. My attention to focus on a page is virtually non-existent and I’d rather not force myself to read. However, I did get approved for another eARC and my cousin left me a book as well, so I have even MORE reading material with me.

  • Masked by J.D. Wright
    I do read superhero comics, but not really novels. I was just really curious if I would like it in that format.
  • The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F.C. Yee
    So, this book isn’t technically mine, but my cousin didn’t want to take it with her and left it with me instead. I guess I will give it back to her when we are both in Vienna (but I might conveniently forget that until next year? Just kidding, Julia!).

Masked (Superheroes UnderCover, #1)   The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

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I know I keep saying this every single month, but where the heck is the time going? It feels like just yesterday that I arrived in Canada and now I only have one more month in Vancouver. I do not want to leave whatsoever … However, I am kind of looking forward to do another blogger meet up in Toronto in November, shortly before I’ll return back home. It was tons of fun the last time and I just love that I can meet up with some fellow bloggers in real life, because it doesn’t really feel like an option back in Austria.

Since I talk about visiting sets each month, I am doing that again. I’ve watched some stunt scene filming for Deadpool and the Flash. Those are always fascinating to watch, but terrible to take pictures because security is tight. But cars getting flipped, explosions, stuff burning and telephone polls falling down and spewing electric sparks is something you don’t get to see every day (or at least I hope not).
I’ve also been to the set of Arrow and the winner of the month with the most set visits is Once Upon a Time! I am at a point where some of the crew recognises me (Sarah, who is called the Leaf Lady by fans, even gave me a free rubber bracelet!) and the running gag with the other fans is that the cast has to try to get my attention and not the other way around. I don’t mean to ignore them, but sometimes I am not paying attention or I am having fun with my friends and they’ll wave at me or even say something and I won’t notice. It has lead to quite a lot of hilarious/embarrassing moments.

I also got to go to a concert by Andrew Belle and it was so much fun. The location wasn’t that big, so it felt very intimate and exclusive too in a way. Andrew stayed after the concert to talk to everyone and so did his bandmates, who were his opening act. They were super nice to talk to and Andrew signed a bunch of post cards I bought and even took a picture with me. It was a dark club and I looked terrible, but I will still cherish that memory.

I already mentioned my cousin earlier and that’s because she was visiting me here in Vancouver these past two weeks. It was very interesting to have her here, a bit of a worlds-colliding-situation, but I am glad she came and got to see a bit of my life here. Although, I am still a bit bitter that none of the sets we went to while she was here worked out. I wanted to find a fun one and it did not work whatsoever.
Anyway, my favorite part of her visit was probably our little weekend escape to Victoria. We went whale watching and I absolutely adored it (aside from our biologist looking like French YouTuber/comedian Cyprien), it made me want to live on a boat. My phone wasn’t really the best to take pictures of the whales, but it was one  of those experiences where I rather wanted to be in the moment than see it all on a screen.

Lastly, I just want to mention some new shows I absolutely adore! I really didn’t expect to love The Orville or The Good Doctor as much as I do. I am still a bit on the fence about Inhumans and I have yet to watch Star Trek Discovery. I will do a round-up post on all opinions for new shows a little later this season. There’s still so much to come!




I hope you all had a great month as well! Let’s chat!

September OwlCrate & FairyLoot Unboxings!


I know, I know – we are coming towards the end of October and I just now decide to do the unboxing post for the September boxes? Well, for one, they came extremely late last month and then I never had good light (still didn’t, but I just gave up on waiting) and it therefore took me a while to get around to the post. However, I did subscribe to not only OwlCrate but also FairyLoot last month (Click on the names to find out more details about each service). So, you will get to see not just one, but two unboxings! YAY!


This is the fourth time that I have ordered an OwlCrate box and I not once have I been disappointed so far. You can imagine that I didn’t get around to reading the book yet, but let’s break down what was in last month’s “Darkness” box:

The Book

I’ve had my eyes on Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake for a while now and was extremely pleased to find it in this box. It’s a tale about three sisters who have to fight each other (to the death? probably not …) for the throne. As always in the past months, the book was accompanied by a hand-written letter from the author, as well as a signed book plate. I love how my collection of signed books is just growing and growing.


The Goodies

I hope the picture sort of shows everything that was in the box, but just in case it doesn’t, here’s some more info:

  • A canvas pouch by Out of Print – it has a quote from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children on the other side. I am not yet sure what I am going to put in it, but I always wanted to have something from Out of Print and now I do!
  • Candle from The Melting Library – it’s inspired by Celaena’s Cake from the Throne of Glass series (which I still haven’t read – SHAME). I quite like it, although I cannot place the smell at all.
  • Fortune Telling Bath Bomb from Da Bomb – I cannot wait to finally try this! Before throwing the bath fizzer into the water, you are supposed to think of a question that can be answered with yes or no. Then, as soon as it’s dissolved, the bath bomb will reveal the answer to said question. SO COOL! (and inspired by our favourite psychics from 300 Fox Way)
  • Crooked Kingdom bookmark by Evie Bookish – I shall read the series soon. The books are already on my shelf!
  • A passport to a new world – it’s a first look at the now already released, but at the time not yet released, novel Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast. Not only can you read an excerpt but there are also two images you can colour in. So, it’s double the fun.
  • Remade – have you ever read a serial novel? I sure haven’t, but Remade is Episode 1 of Season 1 of the Remade series. There are about 14 more episodes I think, however so far I have only found them as ebooks. I will see how desperate I am for answers after I’ve actually read it though.


This was my first FairyLoot box and I was extremely excited to finally try another service other than OwlCrate (which I still love, but you know, variety is key). I can tell you right away, that you see with how much love and effort these boxes are created and I was not disappointed with what I got. Here’s the breakdown of the “Magic & Mayhem” box:

The Book

The September box featured Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. From the theme and mention of Russian folklore, I was pretty sure that I knew which book we were getting and I am always happy when it turns out that I was right. The story includes the myth of Baba Yaga, which already has me very intrigued, however, I have a bit of a reading vs. writing struggle going on again, which is why I am not very far into the book.

There was also a letter and signed book plate from the author, which I really appreciated. Also, the book was in a cloth bag, which is so awesome! I never want my books to get hurt, you know? Another fun feature of Fairyloot is that you also get a hashtag and number, which only your personal buddy shares. Mine was #FairyLoot2007, but no one ever answered or I just didn’t find anyone with the same #, which is too bad really. I am just going to read it by myself now!


The Goodies

The goodies all featured a very common theme, which was mostly related to Leigh Bardugo’s writing. In general, I like theme’s like that, but since I have read neither the Grisha books nor the Six of Crows duology, I felt like I couldn’t appreciate it as much as some people who are fans of the books might have. But I am getting ahead of myself, here are the goodies:

  • Grisha Notebook by Literary Emporium – a girl can never have enough notebooks!
  • Materialki candle from Castle of Fables – there were 3 different candles you could get, all representing one of the Grisha orders. I like the colour of mine, but I am afraid that’s it. The first time I smelt it, I thought it was fine, but then it made me quite nauseated and I just can’t stand it anymore. It’s too bad, because I usually like scented candles a lot.
  • Felix Felicis sticker by BookOtter – it’s cute and I will be forever scared of putting it on anything because I won’t want to waste my one chance.
  • Russian doll necklace by Pastel Cloud – by far my favourite item in the box! It’s so cutesy and adorable and pretty! (and one of the things you definitely cannot really see on the photo … sorry)
  • Shade of Magic badges by BookOtter – I love that series and instantly recognised the badges. They are awesome!
  • Grisha print by GoodNightKittens – as mentioned above. Pretty, but I just don’t have an attachment to the series yet.
  • Vassa bookmark by Behind the Pages – it’s a really beautiful bookmark, with actual sparkly stars. I love it!
  • Bonus: Six of Crows postcards!

So, that was it from my side. I did not order any boxes for October, so there won’t be any more unboxing posts soon. I did order the November box from OwlCrate though. I had to decide between OwlCrate and FairyLoot (the latter being already sold out by now), because I think they feature the same book. If you want to talk about my guess on the book, just ask in the comments. I just don’t want to spoil people who don’t want to know!

Have you ordered a book box lately? 

September 2016 Wrap-Up


At the beginning of this month, I was in a massive reading slump. I think I didn’t read a single page for 1-2 weeks, so I am quite happy with the outcome. Ultimately, I ended up reading 5 out of my 6 planned books. So, I am going with a YAY me for that one!

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle, #3)   The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, #4)   P.S. I Like You   Unscripted Joss Byrd   Because I Love You

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So, last month was weird. I went to Germany for my uncle’s wedding pretty early on in the month, but I have no recollection of what else happened. I did go and see a German/Canadian/Italian/I-don’t-know-what-his-preferred-nationality-is comedian though, so that was fun!

I have started a new feature, called Writing Insights and I am so immensely happy that it was well received. I have already told most of you that I want to continue to share my story (which finally has a title), Arcadia, but am a little paranoid. So, last week I finally uploaded the prologue and the first chapter on wattpad! You can click here to read it. Sharing stuff like that still makes me very anxious, so I would love to get some feedback if you have the time, whether it be on wattpad itself, here, Twitter DM or whatever doesn’t matter!

You may have noticed that I didn’t post any unboxings yet and that has two reasons. Both boxes, Fairyloot and OwlCrate, took forever to get to me. In fact, OwlCrate is still not here, although it arrived in Vienna the other day, it is still in customs. Work was busy as well, so I just decided to post the unboxings once I had a couple days off (early next week probably). It will also be good, because I didn’t order any boxes for October, so that balances it out I guess.






How was your month? How many books did you read?

September 2016 TBR


I have a lot planned for this month, unfortunately only very little of it has to do with reading, books and/or the blog, but bear with me. I don’t think I will lower my post count per week (4-5 seems a reasonable amount), however, I have come to a point in my life where I really need to take charge of what’s going to happen next. Do you know the feeling of getting stuck doing something just because it is comfortable and familiar, instead of investing some time, money and sweat into doing what you were meant to do or something you wanted to do for a while? Well, I feel sort of stuck and it’s time for a change. I want to do SO much, but it involves research, interviewing strangers and hoping for their help/advice and generally moving on from where I am now. So, I want to do that starting this month, knowing well that it will take some time and that it won’t just be a matter of weeks. Therefore I selected some books, but nothing that can’t be done in a month:

  • Blue Lily, Lily Blue/Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
    I love the Raven Cycle so far and they are pretty fast reads. So, that’s that.
  • P.S. I Like You by Kasie West
    You probably already know that this one was in my August OwlCrate box. It’s also my first Kasie West book, so I fairly excited to get to it.
  • It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
    Also, shame on me for not having read anything by Colleen Hoover until this point. I am kind of scared to get sucked into her literary world … what if I need all the books afterwards? My poor, poor wallet and shelf.
  • Unscripted Joss Byrd by Lygia Day Peñaflor
    I’ve raved about the release of this one, simply because movie sets are one of my most beloved settings ever.
  • Because I Love You by Tori Rigby
    I planned on reading this with Cátia and Cristina once, but I am not sure they have time.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle, #3)   The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, #4)   P.S. I Like You   It Ends with Us   Unscripted Joss Byrd   Because I Love You

Click on the covers to get redirected to Goodreads!

If through some magic, I could get my hands on a copy of Furthermore and Witch’s Pyre, I would also tackle them right away most likely. But that’s it from my side. What are you going to read?

September Wrap-Up & October Expectations


This month I have not exactly managed to reach my goal even though it looked so promising in the beginning, but let’s take a look at my September TBR to see what I’m talking about:

  • The Magician King and the Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman
    Was I happy to finish this series! I actually liked the second and third book a lot more than the first one, so I am glad I stuck with it. However, I know that this will never become one of my favourite book series …
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    Someone said that I probably won’t finish it this month and well, I didn’t finish it. I read like 50 pages, but I’ve been so busy and in kind of a reading slump the second half of the month, I just didn’t get to it. Lame excuse, I know.
  • Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines
    This one was nice. It didn’t go as deep as I had hoped and the people in the book are beyond superficial, but I guess for a light summer read it suffices.
  • The Next Together by Lauren James
    I think I am one of the few people on the planet who didn’t love this. I explained why in my detailed review.

But somehow I still managed to achieve to read 5 books, just not all from my TBR:

  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
    A really good book, but not my favourite Rowell-novel.

As always, if you want to know more click on the titles for my full reviews and on the covers to get redirected to Goodreads!

10819920  19103097    23266378  ep

So, another pretty average month in terms of reading. I know that I can read more, it’s just not very likely at the moment. I am still somewhat happy with the outcome.

In other news we hit some pretty amazing milestones on the blog!! There are now more than 200 followers on the blog and more than 3,000 comments were made on the site. I love talking to you all and to see how engaged everyone is! Thank you again for making blogging even more fun!


Now, there is a reason I am putting my October discussion in this post as well. I won’t have a TBR for next month because other than Frankenstein, I am out of books. Okay, that’s a lie … I do have plenty of books, but none that I feel like reading and for new ones I just don’t have the money or time right now. The job hunt is getting really intense and there is only 1 MONTH until NaNoWriMo!!!

I am not yet sure if I will participate for sure, but I would definitely like to. However, in order to do so, I have made a deal with myself that I would have to be finished with the second draft of my NaNo-novel from last year. Seen as I am still only on chapter 11 (from more than 30) I wouldn’t bet on me getting done in time, but I still hope so. Wish me luck on finishing with editing, because I haven’t planned ANYTHING for the new novel yet. It’s kind of tricky to roughly write 1,700 words per day if you have no idea what the story is about.

How was your September? Do you have specific plans for October? And are you participating in NaNoWriMo? (If you want to add me as a writing buddy, just click here!)

Beautiful People September Link-Up

I did the Beautiful People Link-Up for the first time last month (if you didn’t see my August Link-Up, you should check it out here) and really enjoyed participating. It is a monthly link-up hosted by Cait from Paper Fury and Sky from Further Up and Further In where you answer questions about your own book/characters. I talked about the premise of my NaNoWriMo novel “Break Up Buddy” the last time, but let me summarise it here again:

Raeleen broke up with her boyfriend just in time for her best friend and roommate Jemma to announce that she’ll be leaving to work abroad for a year. But Jemma wouldn’t be Rae’s best friend if she didn’t have a plan. She organises a replacement roommate in the shape of Nick Mooney, an aspiring director from England, but neglects to tell Raeleen anything about it. She finds out about it the day of his arrival and is of course not too pleased at first. Yet, after Nick finds out that Jemma left behind a self-help-book titled “Break Up Buddy” he knows exactly what to do to win over his new roommate.

Now on to the questions, which will be answered in order to get to know Raeleen a bit more!

1. They’re in a crisis: who would they really like to see right now?
Jemma! They’ve been friends since High School and if there is something exciting happening she wants to tell her. The same goes for moments of crisis. (Since Jemma is halfway across the planet now, Nick would be Rae’s default choice and if he’s not available then she’d ask her co-worker Lacey.)JemmaAlt2
2. Are they easy to get along with?
Raeleen is a bit impulsive and stubborn, but she is one of those people that hates confrontation. She will always try to get along with people, even apologise when she hasn’t done anything wrong, just to avoid tension. I think she clashes a bit with overly extroverted people sometimes, because they don’t know how to deal with her personality, but she is generally a likable person.

3. Who was the last person they had a deep conversation with?
At the current point of the story probably Nick. They are still at the getting-to-know-each-other-phase, but they try to make it work as roommates. In order to do that, they know that they have to be open with each other and talk about everything.nick
4. They’re in the middle of a huge crowd of people: how do they feel?
Raeleen is a bit anxious at first. Crowds make her nervous, but she’s actually really good at talking in front of people. She still doesn’t ever really get used to it though.

5. Do they believe in luck or miracles?
Rae believes in luck, not so much in miracles though.

6. Do they like and get along with their neighbours?
Raeleen and Nick/Jemma don’t really have that many neighbours. They would probably be able to borrow some sugar if necessary, but they don’t exchange more than a friendly “hello” on the hallway.

7. If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go?
Rae is a huge Anglophile which is why she’s so jealous at Jemma going to work in the UK and Nick coming from England. She doesn’t really get why he isn’t that homesick, because she would give anything to visit the country.

8. How do they feel about their body?
She’s comfortable with her body. Rae knows that she is not a supermodel, but she’s happy. Still, she more or less tries to blend in rather than stand out.

9. What is the cruelest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react?
Rae wasn’t exactly part of the popular crowd back in High School and one time she overheard some people talking about her. They said that she was boring, because she always kept talking about the same stuff. It really hurt her, because who wants to be called “boring”? She didn’t confront them, but for a while she set her mind to proving them differently, which didn’t really work all that well but rather made her look desperate. It took her a while though to realise that she wasn’t not boring at all. In fact, Rae can be very enthusiastic about things that interest her, and that field is huge, but those kids back in High School didn’t like the same stuff. They wanted to talk about sports, make-up, fashion or about the latest parties, but those weren’t any interests of Rae. She liked books, blogging and writing. She wanted to learn about different cultures and languages and as soon as she found people with the same interests, they appreciated her ability to go on about one topic for hours.

10. What’s the kindest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react?
“You are good.” I know it sounds very simple, but when you are insecure about what you’re doing, it makes all the difference. It really struck Rae because it was a teacher who said it during one of the improvisation exercises in her very dreaded debating class. She hated getting up on stage and arguing for her grade, but during a break the teacher came up to her, took her aside and told her that she was good at what she was doing. He said it with an odd intensity, repeating himself and looking her straight in the eyes to really make her understand. First, she blushed and even got a little angry. He only meant well, but somehow she took offense to it. She felt tears welling up and excused herself to go to the bathroom. As the wheels in her brain started turning, she realised that he only meant to build her confidence. He saw in her hesitant behaviour that she could be really good at this. She flunked the next exercise because his encouragement only made her more nervous, but in hindsight, she thought that it was extremely kind of him to single her out and tell her that he believed in her. Usually people just didn’t take the time.

So, that was it for this month. I have continued to edit Break Up Buddy, but it is a slow process. Well, I’d rather do it right and slow than rush through it and don’t actually change a thing. What are your thoughts on Raeleen? Do you think she’s someone you’d like to hear more about?

Glue: A Fall Review

The USA is not the only country with new shows this Fall Season (obviously!), but I wanted to stay in the realm of English speaking television, so I checked out E4‘s new original British teen drama Glue! (FYI: I tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible!)

From the trailer I guessed that Glue would be an intense, possibly dark and definitely strange show – I can now say that I was right! I heard some people call it a mix between Skins and a teen Broadchurch, which I also find quite accurate for what I watched during yesterday’s pilot episode, but I still cannot entirely make up my mind about what to think.

The show starts off by showing us a group of friends and all the fun they are having, but soon turns into something darker when the body of one of their own is found dead under a tractor. So, they try to solve the murder of one of their best friends, which makes it sound like a crime show, although it’s not. The focus isn’t on the investigation, but rather on the relationships between all the involved people. There are some gorgeous shots of the countryside, paired with great young (and to me, mostly unknown) actors and actresses such as: Jordan Stephens (who is part of one of my favourite bands – Rizzle Kicks), Callum Turner, Yasmin Paige, Billy Howle, Charlotte Spencer, Faye Marsay, Jessie Cave, Tommy Knight, Tommy McDonnell and many more.

Let’s just begin by saying that the show features a lot of nudity, sex, drugs and death in the first episode, so this definitely isn’t for everyone. Yet, all of this should in no way mean that that’s a bad thing, because it’s not. It is shocking, but in a good way. I don’t have any clue as to who could be the murderer – which is always good – and I feel intrigued by it. The characters all have their secrets and it is generally very tempting to see where all of this will go, but it seems like a very heavy show. I personally prefer shows that have a dark theme, but brighten up every so often, which it just didn’t feel like in this one. I could see opinions really differ on this show, which finally brings me to the point where I would say, it is definitely worth checking out, but I doubt that it will be a mainstream success.

Have you watched it? I am happy to discuss in the comments!