The Social Media Tag

I hope you all know the different social media platforms I use for my blog and some of them also privately, but I am far from being an expert on those things. At times, I even find the whole thing extremely tiring, but when the lovely Beth @Reading Every Night tagged me to do the Social Media Tag, I was immediately intrigued. It’s such a great way to shine a light on some special bloggers out there. So, here we go!


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Choose a blog or blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
  • Tag others to do this (up to you how many)

Instagram: A blog with a design you love

Aurora @Aurora Libralis has one of the softest and most beautiful designs for a blog I know. I always adore the aesthetics she chooses for her posts and that just makes them so pleasing to read! Not just that, but Aurora is also a lovely person and has really creative ideas, like character libraries and such.

Facebook: A blog with a friendly blogger

I kind of doubt that anyone would not pick Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books for this particular category!? She is one of the most dedicated people I know. She isn’t just active, responsive and engaging on her own blog, but she is EVERYWHERE on the blogosphere as a whole. I adore her not just as a blogger, but as a friend and confidant. I couldn’t even imagine life without her anymore and am so happy we were able to schedule some buddy reads this year.

Twitter: A blogger who could just write 140 characters and you would still love them

There’s a lot of people this description actually fits, because I love so many of the blogs that I read (even though I should probably be more engaged on some of them to show that love). However, my dear friend Marta @The Cursed Books has lately been on a semi-hiatus because of busy life and school work, so I am just happy to read whatever she is able to put out into the world.

YouTube: A blog that keeps you entertained

This is without a doubt Trang and Lashaan @BOOKIDOTE! I don’t know if there was ever a better blogging duo out there, but somehow they manage to keep creating amazing posts on different topics and because of that always have me coming back for more. They just really compliment each other in what they write about and a visit to their blog never gets dull!

Snapchat: A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for

I always love checking out whatever review, tag or life update Michelle @The Writing Hufflepuff has in store for me. She has such an engaging way of being and writing that I just cannot wait to hear what she’s been up to. No matter what the topic is, I keep finding new things we have in common or at least feel inspired to check out afterwards. (Also, I kind of appreciate that she endures my constant Hogwarts Mystery updates/questions! haha)

Tumblr: A blog which is very diverse and has variety

Avery @Red Rocket Panda fits this category perfectly! He’s a diverse book blogger who doesn’t just post reviews, but writes posts on diversity and inclusion as well as about topics outside of the bookish world. I have to say I felt extremely honored to have played a tiny role in getting the idea for the “What’s on the Box” feature started and I hope there are more shows and the likes talked about soon.

Pinterest: A blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

The Orang-utan Librarian has been a blogging inspiration, and quite frankly idol, of mine for a while and I don’t think I need to explain for anyone who has been on their blog. They are not afraid to talk about controversial topics and keep going in depth with their reviews on books and shows, while also providing amazing insight in differences in style and such. I can never get enough of their posts and I feel emboldened to try different things as well.


I am going to follow into Beth’s footsteps and hereby tag all the people I’ve mentioned in the post. But if you feel like this is the right tag for you, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED!

Did you agree with my choice of bloggers? Do you know them? (If not, what are you waiting for!? They are awesome!!!) Let’s chat in the comments below!

Discussion Time: Do you fight for your TV show?

It’s been a while since I have done a discussion post, so please bare with me in case I am a little rusty or all over the place. It’s just that I have noticed an awful trend in television lately that I would like to discuss with you.

Over the course of the last week, a lot of shows that were beloved to many (especially in the online community that I am part of) were cancelled by their respective networks or put on the bubble, which means that there is no decision about renewal or cancellation yet. I understand that network television bases their decisions on ratings of the live screenings first and foremost. As much as TV may be entertainment for the viewers, it is still a business for the people who produce the content. However, the system is quite antiquated and answer me this: Who still tunes in live to watch their favourite show?

I guess I should start with the simple fact that I do not live in the US or Canada and therefore cannot watch shows live either way. There is no same-day-release for TV shows, as everything usually goes through the process of (terrible) dubbing before people even consider putting it on German/Austrian TV. Therefore it could take months or longer until a show makes it over the pond to us. And even when it finally does, should the show become a surprise hit here, I don’t think international sales for TV rights really play into the decision making process of the networks.

Second, there are so many streaming services and especially the younger generations have gotten used to getting their content all at once and at least in my circle of friends over the internet. We do have a TV at my home, but it is monopolized by my parents and I have very little say in what we are watching, so I just use my laptop for everything. I know that you can watch via the official website of a lot of networks, but only if you are in the right region. I honestly do not know if those online views matter much to the networks. I think they should, but I often feel like they don’t. So, where does that leave people like me who spend most their days in front of a screen but not the traditional one? People who are very passionate about a show but have no control whatsoever about the number of views?

Well, to counteract those (in our eyes) unjust cancellations, a lot of fans have turned to social media to fight for their shows. From what I personally saw, they were especially vocal when it came to shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lucifer, Timeless and Sense8, even though I am sure it happens for a lot more shows. In some cases, it worked and the show got another season or got picked up by a different network. In other cases, however, it didn’t have an effect or not the lasting one the audience might have wished for.

I want to take the example of Timeless for this discussion post. Last year, the ratings for Timeless apparently weren’t very good, so NBC cancelled it, just to take that cancellation back after two days because the fans were really vocal about their disappointment. Everyone was, of course, really happy about that, but as you may imagine, that didn’t change the ratings for the new season much. After all, there was still the same fan base. Maybe the media attracted a couple new viewers due to the coverage of the whole cancellation drama, but it did not help a lot. In fact, due to a bad slot at 10 PM on Sundays, even though it should have aired earlier, the ratings even went down. The creators of the show did some of their best work in this second season and had a banger finale with a huge cliffhanger that rocked the fans’ worlds. Still, now there is the same discussion as last year and the show is on the brink of cancellation once more.

I just would like to know what the point of me/us fighting for the show is if we have to do the same over and over again. Social ratings, meaning hashtags trending on Twitter or the likes, are very high for most of these cancelled shows. People are passionate about them and talk on social media a lot. In our very digital age, shouldn’t this weigh in more into the decision? Classic TV is outdated and in my humble opinion you simply cannot rely on live ratings anymore, especially if you want to entertain a younger audience, you need a lot more than that. Things are changing and the industry should change with them, because why do we have to do all the hard work of convincing these executives every single season?

So, lastly, I want to ask you some questions. Do you fight for your favourite shows online? Do you think it’s fair that you have to? Do you think there should be a new and more inclusive system considering global audiences and such? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat with you about it!

Little Update: Instagram (again …)


So, GOOD NEWS! After a couple days of radio silence, they reactivated my account. No one explained to me what happened. I still never even received a mail for signing up on the page in the first place … Instagram is being way sketchier than I ever thought it was. Well, after I basically gave up on ever getting an account, it has happened now and it’s working just fine. I would love to follow you all and if you like for you to follow me as well. My handle is: kat_impossible (like pretty much everywhere else as well – gotta keep things simple!)

Drop me your handle in the comments! And celebrate this weird accomplishment with me! (Yes, I do consider this an accomplishment!)

Little Update: Instagram & Snapchat

So, I know that it’s Top Ten Tuesday, but I already did a post with my resolutions and one with books I am anticipating/wanting to read. I know that this list doesn’t necessarily equal the books that have been published in the last year and that I want to get to in 2016, but I still feel like that would be a rather boring and repetitive post on my part. So, instead I want to talk to you about some social media updates on my side.


So, I’ve seen everyone gushing about some finds on Bookstagram and I too think that it’s a great platform to showcase books (well, and other stuff too). My iPod is pretty old and didn’t support the app, neither did my phone, but I saved up some money and got myself a smartphone with a great camera.
Instagram was one of the first apps I downloaded, excited to finally create an account and put out some photos of my own. Well … that didn’t exactly happen. I tried to sign up, gave them my mail address and made up a username that was still available and then clicked on “Continue”. Nothing happened. I clicked it again … nothing. So, I went back a step and tried to register again. The app told me that another user was already using that mail address, so I figured that I could maybe just sign in. I tried that and the app informed me that my username was deactivated due to some terms & conditions violation on my part. Now my questions is, HOW CAN THAT BE IF I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING MORE THAN FILL OUT MY NAME? In addition to that, I never even received a mail stating that I registered on the platform at all.

Being the persistent person that I am, I tried this with two more mail accounts and different usernames and got the same result. When I try to log on, it just tells me that the account is inactive. The frustrating thing is that they don’t have any support mail address or report button for non-users of their platform, so I couldn’t even contact them.
Hunting around the site, I finally found a way to do something. I tried to tell them that they deactivated my account by accident and they sent a mail, telling me take a picture of myself with a handwritten code they sent attached, so that they could verify the account belonged to me. There is nothing on said account. NOTHING! So, a photo certainly won’t help. They haven’t responded since. I then resorted to writing them on Twitter, but there hasn’t been anything from there either …

Apparently this company hates me! I am not sure if they’ll respond to my Twitter messages or the mail … we will see, but for now it seems I won’t be able to get a Bookstagram account of my own.


So, something that did work was me creating a Snapchat account. There were no real problems there, other than me not really knowing what to use it for. Guess I’ll just take random pictures of books and other stuff for now. Not having many friends with the app makes it kind of useless, so if you want to add me, my handle is kat_impossible.

That was the not so little update from my side. How are you doing with social media? I seem to have an endless account varying from Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Tumblr, Bloglovin’ and so on and still it never seems to be enough. Do you have strange stories to tell like I do?

Social Media Thank You & GIVEAWAY Challenge

Most of you have probably noticed by now that shortly before my 100th post, I created a Facebook page for this blog as well as a Twitter account. I can’t believe how quickly we managed to get to a 100 likes on Facebook. Everyone who has supported me and my blog is a true hero/heroine in my eyes! So, I decided I wanted to give something back to you!

Foto (1)Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to get a present for all of you, but one lucky person will receive a very special book from me. Drum roll please! It’s 101 Things To Do to Become a Superhero … or Evil Genius! If you want to win this book, you just have to answer three simple questions:

  1. Why do YOU want the book?
  2. What is your super power?
  3. Are you going to use it for good or evil?


It is completely in your hands, how you want to answer the questions! It can be everything from a nice written text, a picture, a video or whatever else you can come up with. You can send me your answers via email, leave a comment, post it on the Facebook page, message me or even tweet me – given that your answer has only 140 characters that is! (Click here to be redirected to my Contact Page if you don’t have the necessary information!) The most creative answer will be chosen as the winner and will be featured on the blog! You have time until October 10 to submit your answers. Have fun with this! I can’t wait to hear what you can come up with!