What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #19

I have caught up on so many of my shows, that I feel like I really need to share this update on what I’ve been watching with you. I only did two of them last month and usually I can get in up to four posts. I need to start early in September to get my watching-game back on (seen as reading is still on a low).

Elite (Season 2)

It took me forever to watch the first season, but not Season 2! It was released and I watched it all that day, but it really wasn’t enough. I can’t say that I remembered everything from the previous storyline, but I could easily find my way back into it all.

Everything I really want to talk about is a spoiler, so I am trying to think really hard about what I can tell you all. My thing with this show was always that I didn’t really care about the investigations and crimes at all. It was more the gossipy/relationship stuff that I was into, so I was thriving on my Guzman-Nadia-ship this season. I also liked the addition of Valerio, which I guess could be controversial, but I hope to see him next season and mend his friendship with Nadia.

There were other ships that I was a bit disappointed in this time around, because I either didn’t feel them at all, or they had drastically changed in their dynamic and I didn’t know what to root for anymore. Overall, I had the best of times though and wish I didn’t already know that I’ll have to wait another eternity for the story to continue.

For fans of: Spanish Gossip Girl with a murder mystery/other criminal investigation thrown in

Carnival Row

I surprisingly really enjoyed this show! It’s not that I was shocked in general, because the topic and aesthetic is very much something that I would go for, especially with such a high production value. It’s just that from the get go, I didn’t really buy into the Cara Delevigne-Orlando Bloom-romance and they were banking heavily on that. Even in the end, I am not 100% on board with that ship. I buy it more from Orlando than Cara, but maybe it’s just because I don’t love her as an actress.

Anyway, the show has some really familiar themes, but presents them nicely. I personally wasn’t surprised by any of the larger revelations and only didn’t pick up on minor details. It was woven together nicely and could probably have ended as a limited series, hadn’t they upped the political issues towards the end and already announced a second season prior to the release of this one.

I would watch more of the story! My only complaint was that the scenes were sometimes really dark and I don’t mean in terms of story (although people were ripped to shreds by a weird creature), but more about the light situation. It was literally a very dark screen for me where I couldn’t make out much at times.

For fans of: fairies, pucks and other creatures, old-timey vibes, fantasy take on classicism and racism as societal issues

Stranger Things (Season 3)

I was so late to the party this time around and I don’t really know why. Last season, I stayed up till midnight (because I was in Canada and could watch the midnight release) and then just binged the whole season. But somehow I just wasn’t feeling it for this one and I had to really sit down and wait for the right mood to strike me – which eventually came!

It’s not my favourite season, but I did like that they managed to branch out some relationships, while also keeping the group close-knit. I am especially glad of the addition of Robin to the crew, because I adore her and think it’s great that Steve now also has a female platonic friend who isn’t his ex. I am also happy to announce that I will be dressing up as Robin for Halloween, the costume has already arrived and I just need to get shoes now (never been ready this early before!).

As per usual, the show keeps you guessing if some character deaths were really permanent. I am hoping not, but then they are also very adamant on some people staying dead … sooo, you never really know? I just hope they make more, because I enjoy watching those kiddos grow up and grow into themselves.

For fans of: American summers in the 80s, conspiracy theories, general Stranger Things madness, The Neverending Story song

13 Reasons Why (Season 3)

Not going to lie, I didn’t dislike the show when it first started. I did a really long post (which you can read here) on why you should or should not watch this show, because let’s face it – it is not meant for everyone! I cannot stress this point enough. This show depicts things I never wanted to see, yet now those images are branded into my mind and I don’t want to imagine what it would do to people who have experienced trauma similar to it themselves. It’s not easy and it’s not worth risking your mental health! It’s just TV. And the thing is, I do believe that it opens the eyes for some people who have been ignorant to the topics, but I am totally going off course.

Over the seasons, 13 Reasons Why has lost its reasons to still exist. Basically, Season 3 was entirely dedicated to humanising Bryce Walker, something none of us asked for and none of us needed. There were some really amazing emotional scenes and Tyler was a breakout character, especially seen as I hadn’t been much of a fan previously, but other than that I mostly just kept shaking my head. (Zach Dempsey is still ma boy though …) The content is all over the place. I was massively annoyed with the new narrator and 90% of the decisions the characters made. 

Sometimes characters don’t need redemption. Sometimes we need to let the bad guy be the bad guy in the given scenario. Do I know that it isn’t all black and white and that change is possible? Of course, but that doesn’t mean that I want to watch a whole season of a show that makes me try to like someone I really, really don’t want to like.

Anyway, they got renewed for a season 4 and that should be the final one and I will probably still watch it. There were less graphic scenes this time and I heard that they removed sensible scenes from previous seasons, so at least they are learning in that regard.

For fans of: self-torture because why am I doing this to myself every season?

Paradise Hills

I am still surprised this movie isn’t based on a book, because it feels like a YA dystopian novel more than anything. Depending on how many movies you watch and books you read, you will either think that Paradise Hills is really original or predictable. I quite enjoyed it overall and especially liked the aesthetics. If I am not mistaken, the director previously did perfume commercials, so she knows how to make something look pleasing to the eye.

There were a couple turns towards the end of the story, where they kind of lost me a little bit. I felt like they were trying to cram too many genres into it at once and lost the message on the way. I am not saying that I disliked it, but it wasn’t sure if it wanted to be sci-fi, dystopian or add magic after all. I think I just would have preferred it if the magical element had been left out. Still a nice watch though!

For fans of: aesthetically pleasing movies, large female casts, dystopian movies, weird twists that don’t necessarily make sense

Did you watch any of these shows or movies? Do you want to talk about it? Let’s chat!

Stranger Things Book Tag


So, I don’t think it’s a secret that I am absolutely obsessed with Stranger Things! I usually stay away from anything that could scare me in the slightest, but somehow I couldn’t resist. It’s been weeks that I’ve watched it now, but I still can’t shake the awesomeness of it all. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s like Super 8 meets The Goonies meets Taken by Steven Spielberg – basically a whole bunch of awesomeness right there! Therefore I was all the happier to hear that A Running Commentary created the Stranger Things Book Tag and that Dee @Bookish Khaleesi tagged me for it!

I hope everyone is cool with me using these graphics, because I don’t know who created them originally, but I would like to give credit!



This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity, #1)This Savage Song had such a unique and amazing set-up, but I did not understand half of how this world came into being in the first place. The idea of the monsters is absolutely fascinating, but I need so much more information. Monsters of Verity is therefore the series I choose! (Also, because it includes my buttercup August and I need to mention him a lot)




Splintered (Splintered, #1)I do never ever want to go to the Wonderland version from the Splintered series. It’s more like a bizarre Goth-Zombieland than the version I came to love and cherish so much. So, if given the chance, I am afraid I would pass … even with Morpheus as my guide …



The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)Most of my books are in pristine condition, but sometimes that’s just not possible to maintain. I don’t know how it happened but The Raven Boys is one of the rare books that actually looks like someone has read it and weirdly, I am not even mad about it.



I don’t re-read, therefore I really don’t know how to answer this … I guess Shatter Me, A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Inkworld books bring back happy memories, though I would never pick them up again, except maybe to read a certain passage.

Bildergebnis für i don't know gif



Is there such a thing as a beast I would like to face in the daylight instead? I don’t think so! Well, if we are not talking about the entire Miss Peregrine series, but just the first book, then I guess I wouldn’t want to run into a Hollow. (By book three I wanted them as pets, so there you go with my fear)

Bildergebnis für miss peregrine hollow



I know I have already mentioned the Series of Unfortunate Events above, but have you ever considered how dedicated Count Olaf was to making those children miserable? The personas he took on, the time chasing them and for what? It was really ridiculous, but pure dedication.

Bildergebnis für count olaf gif



Red Rising (Red Rising, #1)This may come as a shock, but I did not go into Red Rising thinking that I would like it. In fact, I was ready to dismiss it after a couple of chapters but BAM! It hit me in the heart – hard! It’s way gorier than what I usually read and I also don’t dabble in sci-fi as much as I used to, so it was unexpected but deep, deep love!



The Rest of Us Just Live HereI really enjoyed The Rest of Use Just Live Here but the setting is basically every teen cliché ever written, but in a good way? Does that make sense to you? Well, I guess you would have to really read it to know what I mean. It was cleverly done in my opinion.


I should tag someone, but I feel like people who watched the show will probably appreciate the tag the most. Since I don’t know who has and who hasn’t, I am using the easy cop out and tag EVERYONE!