Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 21-27)


HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! It is super late here, but I am determined to get this post out. How else would you know about all the awesome movies and shows or not so awesome stuff in some cases? Here’s what I found this week!


War Dogs

It looks hilarious and dumb and scary and it freaks me out that this is based on a real story – like it has me terrified! What’s wrong with people? However, I can never resist a movie with Miles Teller, that should be a given!

Bridget Jones’ s Baby

I am a little disappointed. It’s way different than the book by now, which is okay I guess. BUT WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? It may sound a little mean, but they are way out of the age where it’s funny that she doesn’t know who the father is. Also, it better be Darcy’s!


I don’t know, looks like a fun RomCom

Love & Friendship

Not sure … maybe I’d watch it on a rainy day at home, but probably never in cinemas.

Pélé: Birth of a Legend

I am not really into this, but my main question is, what’s up with all these biodramas? They are becoming a real trend!

All the Way

Bryan Cranston never ceases to amaze me with his versatility, even when I am not interested in the content of the movie.

TV Shows

Supergirl – The Flash – Crossover

I LOVE IT!!! It looks hilarious and knowing how much effort has to go into a crossover among different channels, even if they are from the same TV family, is astonishing. I can’t wait to watch it! And the references to CW! OMG! I’m laughing so hard over here!

Game of Thrones

Not much new material here, but I AM SO EXCITED for the shows return!

What would you watch? Are you excited for some of those movies/shows? Tell me all about it!

Arrow Season 4 Premiere

So, the Arrow is back! I’ve already posted a First Look including Spoilers for the entire Season a couple of weeks ago, click here to read that. But right now, let’s take a look at the episode 1 of Season 4! (If you haven’t watched it yet, this obviously also includes Spoilers!)

The Season starts with Oliver and Felicity in domestic bliss, while everything goes really badly in Star City. As usual, let’s break it down into characters:

  • Oliver wants to propose to Felicity! That was like the best news in my opinion. They are really happy together, if only it wasn’t so boring in the suburbs. Oli’s proposal attempt failed when Thea and Laurel showed up to ask for help. You can see that with them being back in the city, their relationship will also change. For now he has put the engagement off, but I don’t think it’s forever.
  • Thea is out of control! I mean we all knew the Lazarus Pit would take a toll, but she is so aggressive and doesn’t even have a problem with it!
  • Diggle‘s helmet has not fully convinced me yet. However, I do get his lingering animosity with Oliver. He was his best friend and he betrayed him, that’s just not cool. Still, he needs to let it go! They need to be a team now and Oliver is trying. He knows that he can’t call all the shots anymore.
  • Damien Darhk is scary af! He has some sort of mystical blood-magic powers which make him super strong, possibly telekinetic and allow him to kill people by touch. That is freaky! He has a Hive that works for him and that instantly rang a bell for Diggle. I wish he would have told the others about having heard about it before. He can’t be mad at Oliver for keeping secrets and then keep something big like this from the others as well – that’s just him being a hypocrite.
  • Big shocker to me was that Captain Lance is seemingly in it with Darhk. Okay, okay, he has no choice, but that is still a really bad image in my mind …
  • Flashbacks: you know I am not a huge fan of those, but they are now about how Oliver got trapped on the island again.
  • Flashforwards: this apparently confused a lot of people and I can tell you it was a real shocker to me as well! Just to clarify though, the season will not continue from this point onwards. It was a look at the future and we will get there before the Season Finale. However, the Arrow bosses refuse to give any clues about who’s grave Oliver and Barry were standing at. They also won’t mention when the death will occur during the Season in order not to spoil it. That is fair enough but I do wonder who will die. Apparently the person, whoever they are, won’t be revived but is dead for good. I have this bad gut feeling that it’s Felicity, but that would ruin the show for me … I so hope I am wrong!
  • In other news: Oli is now officially the Green Arrow. While people still believe Ray is dead, Felicity is the CEO of Palmer Tech. Also, the Flash Day was mentioned. And greatest sentence ever: “Felicity Smoak, you have failed this omelette.”

So, where you as shocked as I was in the end? Any thoughts you want to add? I think it was really mean of them to do that …

The Flash Season 2 Premiere

Why stop when I am on a run? So, let’s also talk about the Flash Season 2 Premiere. Like always, beware of Spoilers ahead!!

The Flash Season 2 Premiere takes place a couple months after the occurrence of the singularity. The public is celebrating the Flash, wanting to give him the key to the city, but Barry has retreated into himself. He’s turned into a lone wolf, because he blames himself for the past events. But the team won’t give up on him

Here’s the break-down:

  • The team is divided. Barry thinks he can take on the world by himself, but he couldn’t defeat the weekly villain by himself. He blames himself because he couldn’t stop the singularity and Firestorm had to step in. They had to separate in the eye of the storm and that lead to Ronnie dying “again” and only Dr. Stein getting saved. He’s a funny addition to the team and  has sort of assumed the role of Dr. Wells. Cisco even let him pick out a name – that has to mean something. But Garber has also signed up for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, so while we will definitely get to see a lot of him in the future it’s not necessarily on the Flash.
  • Caitlin left STAR labs after the incident, but she wasn’t mad at Barry, she blamed herself instead. So, basically everyone felt guilty somehow. As Joe said in the end, everyone made their own decisions that day (also poor Eddie) and they therefore equally share the blame.
  • Wells is apparently not entirely evil because his last will is a video in which he admits to the murder of Nora Allen and exonerates Barry’s father. Yet, Henry decides to leave, which makes Barry very sad but gives him the chance to mature.
  • The real big event took place in the last seconds of the show though. Jay Garrick (played by Teddy Sears) appears and warns the gang about what’s to come. He was the Flash in his own universe and apparently will become something of a big brother to Barry since he has a lot more experience.

While I really do like the Flash, it wasn’t one of my most anticipated returns of the season. I think the first episode set up some interesting things for the rest of the Season, but we will have to see in which direction it will really go. What did you think of the first episode of Season 2 of the Flash?

Arrow Season 4 First Look

While Season 3 definitely had a lot more Olicity than usual, I think it was the weakest season thus far. Still, I am somewhat excited about Season 4 of Arrow returning on October 7. I am hoping it will get better again, take a look at what’s coming:

So, what were some things we saw? What can you expect from the Season? [SPOILERS]

  • Apparently Starling City gets renamed into Star City in Ray’s memorial. Guess they haven’t heard of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow yet. The promo also features the return of Sara Lance, who emerges from the Lazarus Pit and turns into White Canary who will be part of  the Legends of Tomorrow cast as well. I am so looking forward to that show. In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen the trailer, click here.
  • The Arrow retired, but is needed again. Obviously … because what else would the show be about. However, it did look mighty cute to see Olicity in a suburban setting. BUT Olicity never gets a break and instead Oli will get a new love interest. I am sorry Elysia Rotaru, but I am afraid I won’t like your character much … so far not a lot of details have been revealed about her, but she’ll be in flashbacks a lot.
  • Diggle gets a helmet, I don’t know how I feel about it. Cristina @MyTinyObsession posted a picture yesterday and it looked very Magneto-ish.
  • There will be a crossover with Constantine. I have to admit that I didn’t watch the show, so I am neither excited nor scared nor any other feeling. If you have watched Constantine, tell me about what you think!
  • Jimmy Akingbola was cast as Arrow’s new nemesis Baron Reiter, who will get a different backstory because they do not intend to let him turn into Baron Blitzkreig in the TV show.
  • Other new cast members include Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk, Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt (aka Mr. Terrific) and Alexander Calvert as Anarky.

I bet I forgot something, but let’s talk about that in the comments. What are your thoughts?

Arrow Season 3 Finale

So, another show that’s over for now is Arrow. They’re already planning/shooting Season 4, but let’s talk about the Season 3 Finale “My Name is Oliver Queen” first. Beware of Spoilers!

It is with shame that I have to say that I wasn’t as invested in this Season as I’ve been before. I don’t really know what the reason was, but everyone just kept dying and being resurrected. Also, it frustrated me to no end that Oli kept pushing everyone away that tried to help him. I guess they finally put an end to that – seen as he “retired” during the Season Finale and finally acknowledged that he needs his friends and family. Let’s break down the events of the episode:

  • Oliver is still Oliver and not the heir to the demon. I suppose that’s pretty important to mention. He managed to finally kill Ra’s and escaped his fate of having to become the new one. I don’t think his retirement will last long, but good for him being happy at last. I couldn’t have taken it any longer if he pushed Felicity away … again. They drove off into the sunset together, I should just be happy.
  • Is Oliver still married to Nyssa? Is a Nanda Parbat wedding legitimate? That’s like a real issue for my Olicity-heart.
  • We all knew Malcolm probably didn’t save everyone out of goodwill. I never fully comprehended his actions, but since he’s the new Ra’s al Ghul I guess he finally got what he wanted.
  • Thea is officially Speedy now and while I am no fan of that particular red colour, her disguise looks great on her!
  • Poor John … he’s not really getting the most out of this finale. He technically has his friend back but there is a rift in their friendship and it will take a lot of time to mend it.
  • Ray is seriously one of the best people on the planet. I mean of course I’m a Olicity advocate, but Ray’s just too good to be true. He’s intelligent and really understanding. He supports Team Arrow and holds no grudges and he only ever wants the best for Felicity. That explosion at the end though … I don’t really see him being dead but I want a good explanation as to how he survived it. Maybe his nano tech helped? I don’t know …
    (Sorry, slight update on that: They revealed how he survived in the First Look for Legends of Tomorrow, click here to see the promo – couldn’t stop laughing when Arthur Darvill said he was a Time Master …)
  • A short appearance of the Flash never hurts, especially since it’s often coupled with some really funny statements from Barry or Felicity.

You probably noticed that my enthusiasm wasn’t at it’s peak. Maybe I’ll get more excited as soon as Season 4 approaches. Any thoughts?

The Flash Mid-Season Finale

It’s Christmas! Well not yet, but it definitely was Christmas time during the Flash Mid-Season Finale. Beware of Spoilers!

This episode had some major reveals in it and it should have blown me away. Somehow it didn’t. The episode wasn’t very balanced and I enjoyed it a lot less than last week’s crossover titled Flash vs. Arrow (which was hilarious and brilliant, mainly because of Cisco). But let’s dive more into this week. What do I mean by it wasn’t very balanced you may wonder. Well, the Reverse Flash and the Firestorm storyline are huge and interesting things in my opinion, but the focus was more on Barry’s feelings towards Iris. I just wish that wasn’t such a big deal in the show, because while I do like Iris better than Laurel, I just don’t see her with Barry. He has much more chemistry with Caitlin, or is it just me who thinks that? I just keep realising that they have these really cute little moments and I don’t see those with Iris.

Here are some other thoughts about the episode:

  • Poor Caitlin! She is one of my favourites of the show (duh!) and I feel really sorry for her. She’s so torn about how to feel about Ronny/Firestorm now that he’s back and clearly not the same person he once was. I definitely hope to see more of him soon. I need to see more of him soon! I find him a really interesting character and I’m interested to see in which direction they’ll take him, because he doesn’t seem like a typical antagonist/villain to me.
  • Wells is the Reverse Flash? There were hints that something was definitely up with him, but I did not see that coming. Am I that blind? And it was confirmed that there was another speeder besides the Reverse Flash at the murder sight of Barry’s mum. So, maybe my time travelling theory is right? Barry and Wells both going so fast they go back in time? Who knows.
  • Just when I started to like Eddie, he starts a task force meant to catch the Flash. I guess he’s strayed from that plan now, but still … how could he not see that the Flash is a good guy? Oh right, Barry beating him up probably didn’t help, but that was really the only time he didn’t help people. Now Eddie wants to move in with Iris and I am happy for them. I say, why not?
  • Speaking of Iris. Barry finally confessed his undying love for her. He didn’t phrase it like that, but can you guess what her answer was? Utter silence! That’s right, she said nothing. I think she may realise she has feelings for him too now, but as I mentioned above, if it were up to me they don’t have to get together.

The promo for the next episode looks interesting. The Reverse Flash taking Caitlin hostage and stuff like that. I’m looking forward to the other half of the season, but as a last thing I just want to say that even after the Flash‘s rocketing success, I still prefer the Arrow a little more. What are your thoughts?

Arrow Season 3 Premiere

Arrow has returned and I was just as excited about it (maybe even more) as I was about the premiere of the Flash. So, this is my review of the first episode of Season 3 of Arrow – beware of Spoilers!

I’m a little torn about this episode, not because it was bad or anything like that, but because it was a roller coaster for my feelings. We start right back in Starling City with Oliver/Arrow hunting some criminals and cleansing the city. Detective Lance is now Captain Lance and he decided to finally thank the Arrow for the things he’s done for the city and stopped the task force that was assigned to tracking Oliver down. Other than Oliver being broke, things finally seem to work out for the entire team (except for Roy, who clearly misses Thea) and Oliver even considers dating Felicity (finally!!!), but it wouldn’t be Arrow, if everything didn’t go downhill from there. Of course, the villain of the episode, Werner Zytle, who has claimed the mantle of Count Vertigo, has to go and ruin everything. Here are my more detailed thoughts on what’s happened:

  • We’ve thoroughly established that Felicity is one of my favourite people on the planet and that I ship her with everyone. So, I was overjoyed with happiness when Oliver finally asked her out, but of course he can’t date her after she’s been endangered because of him (her wounds vanished way to quickly by the way!). Seriously, stop leading that poor girl on! He then proceeds to tell her that he can’t say that he doesn’t love her, he just doesn’t know if he’ll ever be ready to be with her. So, is she just supposed to sit around and wait for him to decide when it’s safe for them to date? She now knows that he loves her, but still can’t be with her – that doesn’t make any sense! Although it made me super sad, I am with Felicity and I think it’s a wise choice to say they are over for now (which they are clearly not anyway).
  • We got our first look at Ray Palmer aka future Atom. I like the guy and I detect a possible romance with Felicity. I’m not just imagining that! He was pretty much stalking her!
  • Diggle got his baby daughter and she’s super cute and perfect! He’s going to be a great father and has to dial down on the dangerous jobs he’s taking; I’m looking forward to seeing more of that!
  • The little insert of Barry Allen calling Oliver was totally unnecessary in my opinion. I got why they did it on Flash, but it didn’t do anything for the story or episode in Arrow.
  • Still no fan of Laurel
  • We got Sara back, just so that they could kill her!? What on earth were they thinking? And who was the person shooting her? With arrows? They better explain all that really soon.

So, that’s it for this episode. Happy to discuss it with you in the comments! Tell me what you thought about it!