The Librarians Season Finale

I really enjoyed watching this series and am quite sad that The Libarians are over for now. I’m really hoping for another season, but for now, let’s talk about what the first Season had in store for us. Spoilers ahead!

So, the show definitely had it’s ups and downs, but all in all I liked it very much – more than I liked the second and third movie of the franchise at least. One thing I am sad about is that the way the first Season ended would be the perfect ending for the show, but I still want more and I’m afraid it’s going to ruin a future ending. But, a second Season still isn’t confirmed, so maybe they just wanted to make sure it didn’t end on a huge cliffhanger (I seriously appreciate that!). Now, let’s talk about the Season finale:

  • The alternate librarians were absolutely amazing, but Cassandra was definitely the coolest of them all. I loved her all through this season, because she’s sweet and innocent but also so incredibly intelligent. Aside from that it was interesting to see how Baird played a different role in all their lives and how different the world could’ve turned out to be if it weren’t for Flynn.
  • Talking of Flynn – I loved him in the movies, but I wasn’t really bothered at all that he barely appeared in the show, because I found him a bit annoying. Yet, he did save Baird in the end, so I will give him credit for that.
  • The final revelations about Dulaque, who’s really Lancelot Du Lac, and Jenkins, who’s Galahad were a bit rushed for me. They did make the finale a double feature, but the episodes didn’t have anything to do with each other and I would have preferred it, if they spent more time talking about this. The fact that Jenkins had something to do with Camelot was already hinted at by his meeting with Morgana, but I did not see that coming. I have no idea how closely the show follows the Arthurian legend, but that revelation would basically mean that Dulaque is Jenkins’ father (because Galahad was Lancelot’s illegitimate son) … talk about family issues.
  • As I mentioned above, the actual finale would have been worthy of a series finale, even though I imagine there is still a lot to tell. Everything was so resolved though – We got the library back, Baird and Flynn are together, fighting the bad guys and cutting the others loose to go on their own adventures, who in turn decide to stay together as well, rather than splitting up.
  • The first Season as a whole was quite interesting. Sometimes it got a bit too silly for me, but I liked the mix of more serious cases versus the casual ones. I am still not a huge fan of the visual effects, but they did get better with time. Maybe I’m just imagining that though. My favourite episodes include the one with the haunted house and the one where they all turned into fairy tale characters. Any favourites you want to talk about?

It was a good start for the series and I am eager to find out if there will be more. What are your thoughts on the Librarians?

The Librarians Series Premiere

I’m so excited about this, I’m having a hard time putting it into words. When I was little (or at least younger than I am now) I completely and utterly fell in love with the Librarian movies. Well, not all of them, but definitely the first one, the others were sort of meh. After watching it for what feels like a million times, I so wanted to become a librarian, even just an ordinary one. I strayed a bit from that path, but it’s always a possibility that I keep coming back to, so you can’t imagine my joy when I found out they continue the series on TV – calling it The Librarians! TNT I truly love you for that!

It’s a bit difficult to talk about it without spoiling it, but I’ll try my best!

In case you’ve totally missed out on the movies. Flynn Carson (Noah Wyle) was a long-time student, getting one Doctor title after the other, until he got an invitation for an interview at the Metropolitan Public Library for the position of librarian. He doesn’t yet know that the job description includes much more than you would guess by its title. He is now the protector and keeper of ancient secrets and magic artifacts – basically the best job ever.

The show now takes place approximately ten years after Flynn started the job. He’s dealt with everything on his own so far and has survived longer than any other librarian, but the library thinks he could use some support. Especially now that the Serpent Brotherhood is killing off potential future librarians while being hellbent on unleashing magic on the entire world. This time it’s not only Flynn’s life that’s on the line, but the entire existence of the library and humanity.

Next to Noah Wyle‘s main character, we get appearances from old friends such as Excalibur, Charlene (Jane Curtis) and Judson (Bob Newhart). The new cast includes John Laroquette as a caretaker as well as a new guardian played by Rebecca Romijn and three librarian “interns” (Christian Kane, Lyndie Booth and John Kim). The series’ reccuring antagonist is played by Matt Frewer. The show certainly has a sort of “Indiana Jones“-remake vibe to it, could use some better visual effects and graphics from time to time, but nonetheless doesn’t fail to entertain. I am happy to see where the 10-part first season will take us and which legends they’ll dig up.

With its fast pace, wit and humorous approach during even the most dire of times, I am sure that fans of the movie franchise will find comfort in this spin-off. Even though Noah Wyle will not be the main focus of the episodes from now on (maybe sit some of them out completely), I am definitely looking forward to more.

Have you heard about the movies? Did you watch the show?