Doctor Who: Heaven Sent

So, this is it! Heaven Sent was the first part of the Series 9 Finale of Doctor Who. My thoughts are still a little scrambled, but let’s try and tackle this anyway. As always, Spoilers are ahead! Please don’t read it if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

heaven sent

What was it about?

The Doctor arrives in his very own torture castle with projections from his memories and bad dreams. Not finding a way out, he is forced to relive the same scenarios 2 billion years until he can create a passage out of his personal nightmare, having to make some confessions on the way. He eventually ends up on Gallifrey and is hell bent on making the people pay who were responsible for Clara’s death and his entrapment. 

My thoughts?

I don’t think I have as much to say this week as I may have had in previous posts. I was originally very excited to have a Doctor-centered episode and I am not sure what I was expecting, but it didn’t quite hit home with me. I get the slow storytelling, but the first half of Heaven Sent was just a little boring to me nonetheless. I was hoping for more emotion, more devastation on the Doctor’s part, but somehow I didn’t really get that. I know that Twelve isn’t the type of person to dissolve in tears and he obviously had the tiny issue of needing to survive somehow, but there were only few moments where I really felt his pain (hint: it was Clara’s actual cameo). Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of the time Twelve is a little too composed for me, even when he is supposedly scared for his life.

Also, whatever was “chasing” him through the castle simply didn’t scare me. If anything, the sound of flies just annoyed me. I hate it so much! Most of it was cleverly done though, I am just wondering why room 12 is the only one not resetting itself like the other rooms. In addition to that, I have to say that I feel quite proud because I mentioned to a friend that I think the castle is like a real life confession dial and then lo and behold it turned out to be the confession dial. I got something right!!! I still can’t believe he hit a material seven times thicker than diamond for two billion years. He couldn’t remember it all, which is helpful I guess, but still … that’s such a long time. A great mind-blowing cycle though!

I realise now that I’ve made it all sound very bad, which it wasn’t. I’m just saying that it could have been better. The second half of the episode was more intriguing to me because it picked up in pace and the puzzle pieces started to put themselves together. The final confession of the Doctor, the one that he is the Hybrid, startled me though. Just like how? He’s clearly part Time Lord but what other master race is he made of? You can’t be a hybrid without being made of different components. (And yes I know about what the 8th Doctor said … are they seriously picking that up again?)

I’m really looking forward to next week’s conclusion. What did you think of Heaven Sent? Did it resonate with you or was it another miss of the season?

The 12th Doctor

Eversince Matt Smith announced his departure from Doctor Who, people all over the world have been guessing who the next Doctor will be. Finally, the BBC decided to not let us wait any longer and named Peter Capaldi the 12th Doctor during a special screening last Saturday. Since there’s a lot of controversy about this topic and everybody has their own opinion, I’ve decided to throw in mine as well.


First off, I want to say that I think Peter Capaldi is a great actor and I think he will make a tremendous Doctor, but I also have some concerns which are as follows:

Doctor Who has been running for almost 50 years now, but it reached its peak of popularity on an international level during the Matt Smith era. A lot of people these days (and I think that is a real shame) aren’t even aware of what’s been going on in the show before 2005. Now, choosing an actor who is 55 years old, really does change a lot. Not only will the companion-Doctor relationship be affected, but the entire dynamic of the show changes. There have been actors who’ve been older than Peter Capaldi, but that was before the reboot in 2005. I’m not trying to say that his age is a problem, because it really isn’t, but the tone of the show will certainly differ a lot.

Also, I really started liking the whole Clara-Eleven-chemistry and I just cannot imagine Clara still being in love with Capaldi’s Doctor. Again, something that really is a shame. First of all, they didn’t even give us a whole season with Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith together, then they had no 2-epsiode-story-arcs (which in my opinion are better in terms of character developement) and they really didn’t even give us a chance to get to know Clara that well. I thought Clara and Eleven really had a lot of potential (which they now just seem to throw away) and I am excited how they’ll do in the 50th anniversary epsiode together with David Tennant and Billie Piper.


I have to say though, that it doesn’t really bother me as much as other people that Capaldi has been in a previous episode. I mean Martha and Amy have been in epsiodes before as well and you cannot tell me that they weren’t important characters.

All in all, I probably just can’t imagine the new Doctor just yet, but I am eagerly anticipating the new series and am very interested in the Christmas special, which will be featuring the regeneration. I’m sure Steven Moffat will come up with something more or less original.

What do you think about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor? Who’s been your favorite Doctor so far and who would you have chosen as the new Doctor?