Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 18-24)

I feel like I didn’t do nearly enough this past week or month as a whole. I had very different plans in terms of what I would read and watch and post, but oh well, that is life. I don’t really know what to tell you. We are all here for Sunday trailers, so you shall get them!



I already loved Taron anyway, but I love that he gets to show off his musical education here. Elton chose well in having him portray him.

The Dirt

There’s a lot of music biopics these days, but this one has Iwan Rheon.

Her Smell

What did I say about music movies? It’s a lot right now.

The Angry Birds 2

I haven’t even watched the first one but the seal at the end was everything.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

For this being Rooster’s character trailer, he sure isn’t in it a lot.


Sure, why not?

My Days of Mercy

Ellen Page and Kate Mara? What a power couple.

The Highwaymen

Uhm … so the lawmen made history … yet I could not tell you their names … ever. I don’t think I have even spared a single thought about them before this trailer.

Dragged Across Concrete

I thought I had already posted a trailer for this because the title sounded so familiar until I realised it’s because they shot the movie in Vancouver when I was living there.

The Kid

They’re still trying to make Westerns come back.

TV Shows

His Dark Materials

Well, hello there! YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!

The Order

We all know I will be here for magical content always, but I am not sure on the … acting? I will give it a try.

After Life

Having enjoyed Sorry for Your Loss, I can see myself liking this too (not that the shows are similar, but grief as a topic is there in both).

Most Beautiful Thing

International content on Netflix rules lately.

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (Season 2)

It looks great! I can’t wait for more Tandy-Tyrone-interactions.

9-1-1 (Season 2B)

I am scared, because I know some stuff that’s definitely going to go down.

Altered Carbon (Season 2)

I think I am going to miss some of the old skins or sleeves or whatever that won’t reappear this season.

Good Girls (Season 2)

I know I say this every week, but I am so here for Rio and Beth.

The Man in the High Castle (Season 4)

I am so far behind, but since it’s the final season, I am also in no hurry to catch up.

Veep (Season 7)

A lot of shows are ending.

What have you been watching? Did anything here catch your eye? Let’s talk about that!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 16-22)


Are you tired yet of all the TV show stuff I am sending your way? I hope not, because there are still some more channels I have to cover, but first we switch it up with a little more movie-related trailers. Here’s what I’ve found this week:

Star Trek Beyond

I … I am not sure I know what to say. It looks like chaos and a lot of bad things happening. But I love Star Trek, so I cannot wait. I am conflicted that way.

Don’t Think Twice

So, a movie about comedians that is not necessarily a comedy. Could work! I am hoping it does, because I love Gillian Jacobs.

Nine Lives

Why can’t people make normal movies with animals? They always turn out so weird!


So, I have 2 Trailers for you here. I feel a little iffy about Chris Hemsworth in this, but it seems that he likes acting in comedies now, playing characters that I cannot take seriously.

The Light Between the Oceans

This movie is going to break my heart. I already showed you a trailer once, but Cátia was kind enough to show me the new one (actually already last week, ooopsie!). Now I only need to read the book before the movie comes out.

Margarita with a Straw

I have to admit that I only clicked on the trailer because it said that it had William Moseley in it (wait ’til the very end if you want to see him), but it looks so great. I like that there are more diverse movies out there now.

Queen of Katwe

I love that chess can change a life like that!

Are you going to watch some of those movies?