Unhinged by A.G. Howard (Book Review)


Publisher: Abrams
Page Count
: 417

Unhinged is the second book in the Splintered series. If you’ve missed my review of the first book, click here to read it. Furthermore, I would recommend you skip this review if you haven’t read the Splintered yet and don’t want to be spoiled for the series!

Looking back at my experience while reading Splintered, I only remember that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the bizarre vibe of it all. I was really glad to have read it with Marie, because it made me freak out at least a little less in some parts of the book. However, there was quite a lot that I didn’t like and now, while reading Unhinged, all those things annoyed me tenfold.

Everyone can have their own style and I don’t care about it at all, but if it’s the main character of a book and she’s really into gothic/morbid stuff, I am having real difficulties connecting to that. She kept liking the twisted and weird version of Wonderland, heck, Alyssa even started embracing it at times, but I couldn’t. It’s full of warped mutant zombie-like creatures, creepy toys and humanoid insects. I am not even kidding when I am saying that this book attracts actual real life insects! More than once I was attacked by small flies as well as giant beetles while reading and that made my skin crawl. Also, they like to eat things alive … I so cannot relish in that. How am I supposed to like that version of Wonderland then? The only creatures I halfway liked were Morpheus and Chessie … because he seems adorable somehow.

This brings me to the actual story and characters. I thought that it was a good switch from last time to have most of the story play out in the human realm as opposed to Wonderland. I am guessing that the final book will have some of that again, but it would have been odd to have Alyssa so cut off again, especially since so many people have a more important role now, such as Al’s parents. I did not see that coming. However, I completely forgot that Jeb wouldn’t be able to remember the last book and somehow that frustrated me so immensely. He was possessive as always, while Alyssa was annoying in her indecisiveness and selfishness as always. Now, as I said, I still very much like Morpheus. He’s like the comic relief and mystery man at the same time. I am not saying you should trust him or that I want him to end up with Alyssa, because no? But his character is still the most intriguing to me.

Finally, I am giving this book 3 stars because I don’t think it’s written badly at all. It has twists and turns and some sort of character development, but I simply didn’t enjoy the experience of reading it. Somehow it felt more like a chore to get over with and that’s not the purpose of books in any way. So, I can’t do better than a medium rating for this one. I still have Ensnared at home, but I doubt that I will pick it up anytime soon, but rather when I am out of books again.

Fazit: 3/5 stars! It’s just not a kind of style for the worldbuilding I like, but I guess I can get why others would like it.


Have you read the Splintered series? Did you enjoy Unhinged?