What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #30

Is the fact that this is the 30th post in this series a sign that I watch too much? Let’s hope not, because I really have no intention of slowing down in this climate. Here are some shows I have distracted myself with lately (which are in actuality fewer than I thought they’d be):


I AM SORRY! I only found the French trailer, but the show is available with subtitles, cause that’s how I watched it!!!

I really thought I was over vampires at this point, but … I just can’t seem to stay away from them for good. After I finished this show, I thought to myself “huh, there were some interesting aspects, but this surely isn’t essential viewing for everyone”, yet here I am. THREE days later and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

What intrigued me the most was that this really wasn’t your usual vampire society (although they still have an inherent stalker gene it seems). In this world, vampirism is a matriarchy and vampires are created the same way humans are and not through a bite (at least that’s the story so far?). Doina, daughter of a vampire and human, turns out to be a hybrid of the two species, turning her world upside down.

This show features interesting character dynamics, although I will not hold it against you if you don’t like very many of them. To my utter shame, I also have to say that I was mainly watching for a toxic ship. I am trash that way, but at least I acknowledge it.

For fans of: international Netflix shows, different take on vampires, diverse French setting

On My Block (Season 3)

Was this the last season? It felt like the last season, but the end had me in absolute shock!? From the beginning of this show, it had always had its ups and downs. I could never take the danger as seriously as I should for some reason, because it just felt too light-hearted and silly in other moments. So, when those last frames showed up on my screen, I was like “this is a joke? Surely it must be!!” (Except for the Oscar part, I am here for that!)

This wasn’t my favourite season and I honestly don’t know what to say. I think it’s fun entertainment or a little bit, but parts of it I just could not relate to or, as mentioned above, take seriously. I think it might have been the acting, but I am really not here to bash them. I still had a great time watching all seasons after all.

For fans of: teen squad stories that get a bit out of hand and don’t look as realistic anymore

Elite (Season 3)

Okay, so, not my favourite season BUT I really like how they brought it all around. It basically mirrored season 1, but this time everyone stuck together and ended the cycle of misery. I was disappointed, because some character relationships were completely ignored, even though they had so much potential. For example, I was really hoping for a Valerio and Nadia reconciliation and that they’d be the messy friends I love to see, but instead they had Valerio be interested in being in a certain throuple (which I am cool with as a concept, I just didn’t like the other characters and used to love Valerio …). My favourite part was the Nadia-Lu-duo. Those girls really were the light for me this season!

Now, I am confused about Season 4. First, why do we need it? Why does it say no one from the OG cast will be in it? We explicitly saw a certain number of characters who had to repeat the year or were at school for some other reason … so why include that when they aren’t going to be featured anymore? I have questions!

For fans of: murder mystery and character dynamics, moral questions

Greenhouse Academy (Season 4)

Why am I even still watching this show? They completely botched the “who’s behind the door?”-mystery from a couple seasons back and they just haven’t been the same ever since. I was already massively dissatisfied with season 3, because they changed actors for characters and just had some people disappear completely. To me, that threw off the dynamic massively already and they handled it poorly. I even forgot that there was a massive cliffhanger at the end of that season, that’s how little I cared. Similarly, I feel pretty dispassionate about the twist at the end of Season 4.

I just can’t get over the fact that they reopened the whole love triangle thing with Leo, Hayley and Daniel … because someone on that list got screwed over a lot. Also … it was about a virus, so that was just poor timing for sure.

I can’t believe I used to really like Greenhouse Academy at this point, but here is the proof that I did.

For fans of: House of Anubis style over the top mysteries for teens?

Have you watched any of the shows above? Let’s talk about that!

Let’s talk about Teen Wolf Season 4!

As I’ve previously mentioned in a post last August (click here to see the article)  I am a huge fan of MTV’s Teen Wolf. After the amazing and surprisingly extended third season I couldn’t wait to finally watch season 4. Now that it’s on air there are just so many things that fascinate me and that I have questions about! So, let’s talk about Teen Wolf for a bit! (If it wasn’t obvious enough: this contains spoilers for season 4!)

The season has started quite differently from the previous ones and we got some action right from the start. While I was a little worried that it might get too overloaded, everything up to episode 5 of season 4 seemed really interesting and thrilling to me. There is a ton of stuff I want to talk about:

  • I don’t get the hate towards Malia. Everyone knows that Stydia is probably endgame and Malia and Stiles seem very sweet together. They probably won’t last forever and Malia by herself is a really hilarious character in my opinion. She hasn’t lived amongst humans for years – I love all those “fish out of water”-moments we get with her. Also, I cannot wait to see her reaction when she finds out that Peter Hale is her real father? What do you think about Malia? Tell me in the poll below!
  • I really miss Allison and Isaac (who’s a total traitor and now plays a vampire on the Originals)! And because of that, I am just so glad that Chris Argent is back, because otherwise I would have to miss him too. I so desperately hope that the Mexican hunter clan didn’t turn him against Scott and the other supernaturals in last weeks epsiode “I.E.D.”.  I get that he needs to do something about his sister Kate, but other than that I hope that he is still on team Scott.
  • Derek is losing his powers!? What? How? … I knew why I never liked Kate …
  • I think Kira is a great addition to the cast, but I just haven’t warmed up to her that much yet. There’s a very high chance that I am alone with this opinion, because everyone thinks she’s so badass and cool and great … but I wanted to mention it anyway. Scott’s and her relationship is slowly developing, but I just don’t see the same chemistry as the one between Scott and Allison.
  • Scott is so getting into trouble for turning Liam. Not just because Liam can hardly control himself, but also because of the threat of the Mexican hunter lady.
  • I’m loving the fact that we get all different kinds of supernaturals. Just think of that Windigo! I can’t wait for what else they are going to bring to the show as long as there won’t be any vampires!
  • What’s with all those teenage assassins? Are there really that many people trained to be a hunter? In Beacon Hills it seems to be part of the general education.
  • Who do you think the Benefactor is? That hit list is definitely scary and the sums that the Benefactor is willing to pay – oh my, would I like to have that much money! I’ve heard talk of it being Gerard Argent, but I am not a 100% convinced of that…
  • They’ve definitely mentioned Sheriff Stilinski having trouble paying his bills. I want that storyline to continue, so they better not drop that without an explanation on how he solved it!
  • This is my last point and the thing or rather the person that intrigues me the most this season: Deputy Jordan (yay! we finally got a first name!) Parrish aka Deputy McCutie. Who is that guy? He clearly is some sort of supernatural because he mentioned in season 3 that he felt drawn to Beacon Hills. Also, according to the hit list, he’s worth like 5 million Dollars. He doesn’t totally freak out when something out of the ordinary happens, in fact, he stays pretty calm and collected through almost everything! He even suggested that Lydia might be a psychic.
    Talking of him and Lydia – even hardcore Stydia – shippers were kind of drawn to the dark side when they saw Parrish and her together. There is some sort of chemistry between them, although I am not on board with it … okay, maybe I am shipping it a little … I mean Lydia said she’s done with teenage boys. But I am not fully committing to Marrish just yet.
    However, the theories revolving around our dearest Deputy Parrish are endless! Some think that he’s a Banshee others suggest that he’s Isaac’s brother Camden (who’s apparently the same age)… What do you think?

Soooo, I think I’ve touched about all points that were swirling around in my head. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say! I’ve just watched the mid-season trailer and we are definitely in for a ride here.

We Are The Night

we are the nightWe Are the Night is a vampire-thriller from Germany 2010. Since the market for vampire related movies and shows is pretty saturated, it is difficult to come up with something interesting yet still entertaining. We Are the Night has found a good balance between the emotional side of the story as well as the action-packed, cool side.

The movie revolves around a trio of female vampires on the one side and the relationship between a cop and a low-life criminal called Lena on the other side. When Lena unwillingly gets turned into a vampire as well, she has to deal with her new surroundings, powers and feelings.

I, personally, liked the story because it dealt with the different stages of lonliness and solitude every immortal being has to deal with, but didn’t just have the heavy emotional sides to it. Also, the dynamic between the actors is great, especially the one between Tom (Max Riemelt) and Lena (Karoline Herfurth). If you enjoy the general genre of vampire-stories, you should definitely check out We Are the Night. Further cast members are: Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich and Anna Fischer.

Do you know the movie? Did you think it was a good take on vampirism or just another lame story?